The Research on Forest Tracked Robot Vritual Prototype

Title The Research on Forest Tracked Robot Vritual Prototype

The work environment of forest is so complex,the ground cover with so flexible soil, swamp and silt,and thert is so many trees, that is very slide to run in the forest. For the forest robot can walk on especial terrain and dicky forest fire areas with finely travel capability, maneuverability, stability and reliability,as well as good hill-climbing and obstacle-crossing capability, the paper proposes a new design of tracked robot’s running machine,the new running machine has two rocker-bogies suspension. Based on the UG software, construct the virtual prototype of the forest tracked robot,according to design of the vehicle-terramechanics robot’s and the capability needed by the robot, has obtained the forest tracked robot’s primary parameter.With the development of Vritual prototype,the deviser can simulate any complicated entironment,and do kinematic and kinetic emulation analysis for tracked robot model fast, economical and effective,Vritual prototype contribute to validate, evaluate and ameliorate the forest tracked robot’s design project. Apply emulational technique can compare and optimize many design project on Computer,it shortens the period of researching and producing,and economizes the charge of research, Vritual prototype becomes an important technique to research the forest robot.Because of the great difference of moving performance between tracked robot and wheeled robot,this thesis puts emphasis on the dynamics analysis of the forest tracked robot’s motirial process, and establishes the rectilineal and veers movement model.In view of the veers movement, has carried on the simulation analysis using Matlab/Simulink. According to the typical landform of the forest tracked robot, the kinematic analysis and the overpass ability in typical terrain is validated.And an action-plan algorithm is designed about how to cross the obstacle automatically.At the end of this thesis,elaborates the model-building theories and the simulation parsing process of dynamics simulation analysis software ADAMS, uses the interface module between UG and ADAMS, inducts the virtual prototype to the analysis software, carries on the movement restraint, and carries on the simulation to dynamics model’s rectilineal travel, has built a quite ideal simulation platform, has obtained the speed, the acceleration as well as each strength and the moment of force simulation graph of the virtual prototype’s rectilineal travel, and will build the foundation for the research of virtual prototype’s characteristic.

Category Forestry
Keywords ADAMS dynamics simulation, Matlab/Simulink, Tracked, Vritual prototype,
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