Study on Monitoring and Forewarning System of Major Agro-meteorological Disasters in Jiangsu Province Based on RS and GIS

Title Study on Monitoring and Forewarning System of Major Agro-meteorological Disasters in Jiangsu Province Based on RS and GIS

With the combining increasingly of the Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS) technologies with the modern network communication technology, some unique advantages have been displaying in the monitoring, forewarning and disaster assessment of the meteorological disaster. These new technologies can be used in the monitoring and analysis of the various factors of different disasters for improving the real-time effect and accuracy of disaster monitoring, forewarning and assessment. Based on the analysis on the various indices of major Agricultural meteorological disasters, in this paper,some monitoring and forewarning indices of the main Agricultural meteorological disasters in Jiangsu Province were set up to suit for the meteorological professional practice and a monitoring and forewarning system of thw main agricultural meteorological disasters in Jiangsu Province under the assistance of RS&GIS was developed. The developing process of system was introduced from the developing environment, support platforms, building methods, database designing,overall designing and accomplish of system and its importance and practicability was expounded.According to the analysis of the regular meteorological obversational data,the agricultural meteorological observational data and the records of the growth periods, yyields and damages of crops in Jiangsu Province, the damage indices of the main agricultural meteorological disasters in the province were determined. After the statistic drought frequencies, the spatial distribution and drought occurrence processes were analyzed by some conventional drought indicators, a composite meteorological drought index (CI) was selected as an indicator of drought monitoring and forewarning in the system. By the comparing of the meteorological indicator and the biological indicator, the time when the daily mean temperature on the ground is higher than or equal to30℃and the daily maximum temperature on the ground is higher than or equal to35℃lasting for3days or above3days was selected as a indicator of rice heat damage in Jiangsu Province. Considering the practical occurrence pattern of the hail disaster in Jiangsu Province, the water vapor condition, the static stability and the three radar echo indices included the composed reflectivity (CR), the content of the vertical acumulated liquid state water (VIL) and the height of the top layer in the radar echo (HTC)were compared and VIL was selected as an indicator of forewarning hail disaster in the province.In view of the disaster and winter wheat practice of the province and the ordinary agricultural meteorological professional rules, the growth conditions of winter wheat in spring and the influence of triggering factors of spring frost in Jiangsu Province was analyzed and the forecasting indicators of the spring frosts for the returning green to the jointing growth period and the jointing to the heading growth period of winter wheat was suggested.As a whole,the designing idea of this system was:(1) a redeveloped scheme with GIS components was adopted.(2)set the ArcGIS Engine for Version9.3as a developed platform.(3) Microsoft SQL Server2008was applied as a tool of the satabase establishing.(4)taken Visual Studio.C#and Visual Studio.NET as the programming languages.Based on the software structure of C/S mode, the thought and methodology of systemic software Engineering were introduced into the module and structure designing of the system, the modules were inserted into the system as the components and the analysis of developing processes,the desiging,programming,running of the system was carryied out step by step.The system was composed of maps,layouts, professional toolbars and the help menus. Among them, there were Data Query, Spatial Analysis and Disaster Indices in the professioal toolbars which was realized by the ArcEngine interface technology. The connection of the database was based on ADO.NET method.Under the assistance of RS and GIS technologies,some processing functions of professional meteorological data such as the processing and displaying of MODIS remote sensing images, the processing and displaying of the doppler radar echoes and the Meteoroloical Information Collecting, Analyzing and Processing System (MICAPS) were added in the system for the convenient of the agricultural meteorological professions in the stations and some object-oriented user interfaces was constructed and some functions such as the database Management, data querying, map displaying, graphics rendering, spatial analysis, the professional data processing, information extraction, figure and table output were realized as a whole. It is mutual independent for each of the functional modules so that the system has strong portability and security,simple operation, stable circulation and it provided convenience to the upgrade of the system and the development of the system based on WebGIS.The system was a important decision-making platform on disaster prevention and mitigation for all of governments and the agricultural administrative departments in Jiangsu Province.

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Keywords Agro-meteorological disaster, disaster index, Geographic Information System(RS), monitoring and forewarning system, RemoteSensing(RS),
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