Identification of the Resistance of Tobacco Varieties to TMV and CMV

Title Identification of the Resistance of Tobacco Varieties to TMV and CMV

Tobacco is one of the most important cash crops in the world, not only the planting areaof China is the first in the world, but also tobacco industry is the primary source of financialrevenue of our government, especially the local government. Tobacco virus disease is theinfectious disease which is widespread and serious all over the world. Tobacco virus diseasehas become the main disease threaten tobacco production of our country. Especially Tobaccomosaic virus (TMV) and Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) have been increased significantlyand severely reduced the quality and yield of tobacco leaves and have caused large lossesabout tobacco production. Cultivating and using the disease-resistant varieties is the mosteffective prevention measure and Economic mean. Therefore, it has become an urgentproblem to promote the high quality disease-resistant varieties, while the evaluation of diseaseresistance is the essential step of the tobacco breeding process.The identification and evaluation of24tobacco varieties resistant to TMV and CMV,were carried out by artificial inoculation in the field from2010to2011. The results are asfollows:The results showed that7varieties, such as Coker86, Jiyan5Coker176, CV87, Liaoyan8,CV91, Zhongyan90, displaying resistance to TMV; Moderate resistance to TMV consisted of3varieties, including Qinyan98, Shuangkang70and C151; Moderate susceptible to TMVconsisted of7varieties, including Qinyan96, G80, Jinxing6007, Longjiang981, K326,Qinyan201and NC89; Susceptible to TMV consisted of7varieties, including G28, Yunyan97,Jingyehuang, Honghuadajinyuan, RG11, Yunyan85and Yunyan87.The resistance to CMV consisted of5varieties, including Coker86, Longjiang981, C151,Qinyan201and Yunyan87; Moderate resistance to CMV only included Jinxing6007;Moderate susceptible to CMV included9varieties, such as CV91, RG11, Coker176,Zhongyan90, K326, Honghuadajinyuan, Jingyehuang, G80and G28;9varieties, such asQinyan98, Yunyan85, Qinyan96, NC89, Shuangkang70, Yunyan97, CV87, Liaoyan8andJiyan5, displaying susceptible to CMV.In this study,2varieties, Coker86and C151, were resistant to both virus diseases. Inaddition, we found out that, different resistant of tobacco varieties had different impacts uponoutput and growing development of tobacco. This study evaluated24tobacco varieties for resistance to the two viruses, the results identified can not only be utilized to provide parentmaterials in breeding for resistance, the basis for selection and variety deployment, but also asthe acceleration of China’s tobacco virus breeding process.

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