Cloning and Expression of UBI Gene from Hevea Brasiliensis

Title Cloning and Expression of UBI Gene from Hevea Brasiliensis

Ethylene is a kind of plant hormones with broad actions and plays important roles in reg╬╝lating the development of plants in various stages. On the end of the 1960s it was found that ethephon (which decomposition can release ethylene) co╬╝ld stim╬╝late the production of rubber tree, which was applied in rubber production rapidly to achieve tremendous Economic benefits. At the same time some scientists have made large researches in the mechanism of ethephon to stim╬╝late the production of rubber trees from the perspectives of physiology and biochemistry. Meanwhile it was identified that Ethephon stim╬╝lation co╬╝ld also accelerate the latecifer senescence in Rubber tree and induced the TDP. But up to now the related molec╬╝lar mechanism was still undiscovered. In order to illuminate the molec╬╝lar mechanism of ethylene stim╬╝lation to increase the latex production and accelerate the latecifer senescence, some related data and res╬╝lts were covered in this thesis:1. Latex suppression subtractive cDNA library was succesf╬╝ly constructed employing mRNA from 12h-Ethphon-induced latex as tester and mRNA from no-Ethphon-induced latex, in which 118 positive clones were included. Random selection of the 25 clones were sequenced and the sequence analysis showed that most of the unknown gene or protein sequence unknown function, only some EST in the model plant highly homologous to find the corresponding genes. This suggested that there might be a considerable number of unknown functional genes involved in ethephon-stim╬╝lated latex production and latecifer senescence.2. Bioinformatics analysis showed that NO.84EST and the gene Ubiquitin had high homology. In order to obtain the f╬╝ll-length gene sequences, designed the 5’RACE-specific primers and using SMART-RACE technology got the f╬╝ll-length gene and named UBI. UBI f╬╝ll-length cDNA nucleotide sequence had 771bp with a 468bp of the open reading frame and coded 156 amino acids. Among them, 5`UTR had 77 nucleotides,3`UTR had 226 nucleotides. Nucleic acid sequence alignment analysis showed that UBI gene was a Ubiqution extension protein gene, and other sources of the corresponding gene homology between the 78%-90%; amino acid sequence homology 96.79%-98.08% up.3, Southern blotting indicated that the UBI gene was a single copy in rubber tree genome. Employing Actin gene of Rubber trees as an internal standard, this gene expression profiles were detected showing that the expression of UBI gene was very strong 12 h after applying ethephon on bark of rubber tree, and declined in the 24h. This res╬╝lt suggested that the gene might be involved in the ethylene signal transduction.4, Here a quick and efficient method was developed for total RNA isolation from latex, in which the process time is cut by 50% and harvest is increased by 2-3 times.Analysis of╬╝ltraviolet spectrophotometer and RT-PCR showed that the isolated total RNA had a good quality and applied to the further molec╬╝lar experiments.

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Keywords ethephon, Expression Profiles, Hevea brasiliensis, latex, UBI gene,
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