Professor Gao Mingli engages in clinical for twenty years, and has a…

Professor Gao Mingli engages in clinical for twenty years, and has accumulated rich experience in the treatment of Fibromyalgia Syndrome(FMS).FMS is widespread muscle pain as the main body of the non-articular rheumatism symptoms. As the clinical symptoms are atypical, FMS in the Chinese medicine are often classified as “arthragia syndrome”, “Zhou Bi “, “Bi Qi” and other areas, also there are called “Melancholia” and so on. Professor Gao sums up years of experience, and considers that FMS is based in virtual standard Actuality Inclusion of card, Now FMS is a common disease, patients were less than ferrite endowment, upright deficiency based, or external environment caused by liver qi stagnation, spleen and other concerned injuries, often involving more than dirty, symptoms range complex. Liver depression and spleen course of time, hemagglutination qi stagnation, phlegmendogenous formation of phlegm and the main pathological product, meridian muscles block becomes this disease. Invasion of wind cold dampness and other evils is the main predisposing factors. In the treatment, Focusing on training of thesource while the solid,timely dispersing evils, preventing their arrest meridians joint, inducing or aggravating the disease, and firmly grasping theprincipal contradiction of emotional disease, carryying disease in liver qi stagnation law always and the spleen. Because the symptoms is complex, treating the disease Clinical according to the symptoms is key addition and subtraction. Professor Gao treats the disease on the basis of traditional Chinese medicine, and also Notes that the regulatory role of the external treatment. He often advises patients on clinical medicine and to support the external treatment of the disease, including acupuncture, cupping, massage and other methods. All that plays the role of tongluozhitong and communicating yin and yang, qi and blood, and can significantly improve the patients local pain, sleep disturbance and other symptoms,also relieves symptoms of anxiety in patients. Giving the psychological counseling at the same time , the patients can receive effective treatment of fundamental

The current plastic pressure-measuring calibration in our country ha…

The current plastic pressure-measuring calibration in our country has been using the Soviet Union’s calibration method and technical equipment since our country was built. It is backward in technical level and has not form a complete plastic pressure-measuring calibration and quality transfer system yet.The paper has got a conclusion that “standard” copper cylinder has an important position in quality transfer system through researching the traceability of relevant equipments and pressure-measuring components in static calibration system. So the “standard” copper cylinders should be researched in depth.Least square fitting method is used to got the second order polynomial fitting curves of more than ten batches pressure-measuring copper cylinders in three types and five batches “standard ” copper cylinders.The consistency of several batches in one type is analysed and the pressure sensitivity of each batches is calculated.The source of pressure-measuring copper cylinders’ uncertainty has been analysed.The breakthrough point of “standard” copper cylinders’ criterion is found through it.Several indexes to be restricted are got to copper cylinders’ criterion made.The criterion of “standard” copper cylinders is made through processing a large number of “standard” copper cylinders’ experimental data.In order to verify the reasonableness of the criterion,more than ten batches’ copper cylinders’ in three types are analysed to prove that the “standard” copper cylinders’ criteria is available.The method of “standard” copper cylinders’ table making is researched.In order to test the “standard” copper cylinders’ pressure comparison table made by a small “standard” copper cylinders’ sample can reflect the characteristic of “standard” copper cylinders’ collectivity of a certain batch.The static calibration experiment is doing with three small samples randomly selected from a certain “standard” copper cylinders’ batch. The data got from the experiment are used to make static pressure comparison table.The pressure and pressure error are calculated according to the three “standard” copper cylinders’ pressure comparison table.Consistency of “standard” copper cylinders’ table made is proved through testing the pressure error in a cetain range that is known before.”Standard” copper cylinders’ measurement assurance program is discussed primarily.

Evaluation of Business Process Performance Based on Fuzzy Analytic Network Process

It need to optimize business processes when enterprises are face with the situation of competitive pressures, market share lost and customer satisfaction reduced, which can promote the improvement of process key performance indicators , eliminate non-value added business process link, reduce operating costs and improve product or service quality. However, if enterprises can carry out business process optimization or not depends on the improvement degree of the optimized process performance. Business process performance is the focus of attention of the Enterprise and how to evaluate the performance of business processes is the research focus in Management field. Therefore, it is of great significance to establish a sound business process performance evaluation system.Performance evaluation of business processes mainly includes the design of the evaluation indicators and the selection of evaluation methods. First, the article describes the research of process performance evaluation by domestic and foreign, analyzes the background of business process reengineering, gives the content , objectives and principles of business process improvement, and summarizes the methods and procedures of business process improvement. Then, The author expounds the meaning,objectives and indicators standard of business process performance evaluation. On this basis, it has established a set of business process performance evaluation of key performance indicators. Meanwhile, the article introduces several methods of process performance evaluation, focusing on the application of the Basic steps of Fuzzy Analytic Network Process. Finally, it combines with the procurement business process optimization examples of A company, using FANP to evaluate original process and optimization process comprehensive.Due to the influence of various factors of the process performance are interrelated inter-related and feedback,which make the business process performance system constitutes a network structure, and because the judge evaluation about the relative importance of performance indicators has a certain degree of uncertainty and ambiguity, this article chooses FANP, combining qualitative analysis with quantitative analysis , making the results of process performance evaluation more scientific and objective. It deserves further study in the design of the evaluation indicators in different processes Performance evaluation and the comparison between the different quantitative evaluation methods.

In20years before the financial crisis, Global economy has experience…

In20years before the financial crisis, Global economy has experienced a high growth with low inflation golden period of development. Many economies have successfully controlled the inflation and maintained a low and stable inflation. At the same time, this does not at the expense of Economic growth. Employment rate rose steadily around the world, people’s income increased, GDP grow steadily. However, in2008, the financial crisis triggered by the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis swept the world. Whether the developed country with a mature market or the developing country an emerging market have failed to escape out of the huge impact by the financial crisis. The problem can not be ignored and even more attention was given. Can government continue to tolerate the excessive volatility in asset prices without taking any measures? Does monetary policy still only take measures on output and inflation volatility?At present, foreign scholars have discussed whether the monetary policy need to take measures to forexcessive volatility of asset prices. And some research on asset price factors into the optimal interest rate rules have been done. Domestic scholars on this issue relatively lately start, and research is also relatively small. And most domestic and foreign scholars on the interest rate rule assumes the existence of this rule on the basis of empirical research, and not deduced from the theory of interest rate rules. This article first deduced from the theory of optimal interest rate rules included inthe asset price factors, based on the use of China’s actual Economic performance data, the empirical analysis.First of all, I have combed the literature on whether asset prices factor into th e areasof monetary policy considerations, and summarizes the results of research a t homeand abroad, put forward the asset price factors should be included in the stud y ofthe optimal interest rate rules, on this basis thatthe full text of research metho ds and ideas. Second, with a looking back closed macroeconomic model to join t he asset price factorsas the theoretical basis by the Central Bank’s intertemporal los s function deducedtheoretically optimal interest rate reaction function ofthe centra I bank’s monetary policy.In this paper, asset prices factors that should be included inthe subject of monetary policy as a starting point, an looking back closed ma croeconomic models that added a type of asset price factors as the theoretical basi s, through the Central Bank of intertemporal loss function we derive the theory o f optimal monetary policy the central bank’s interest rate reaction function. I theor etically proved that the presence of wealth effects, when asset prices higher than its intrinsic value, the central bank should raise interest rates to curb theexcessive ris e in asset prices. On the contrary, you should cut interest rates. This expands an d complements the theoretical studies in this research area. The same time, with t he quarterly data for2001-2010for the sample, we use of a VAR model to analyze t he relationshipbetween interest rates.output, inflation and asset prices. Then, we according to the relationship between interest rates and asset prices empirical anal ysis to selecte the stock price as the asset price in China on behalf of, included i n the study of the optimal interest rate reaction function. We estimate best China’s m onetary policy reaction function weights of output, inflation and the asset prices. On this basis, this paper compares the trend of the gap with China’s Economic flu ctuations in thebest interest rates and central bank to set interest rates, and find th at China’s interest rate policy’s inadequate response is one of the reasons for Chi na’s economicfluctuations. Finally, based on the empirical results of previously su mmed up the conclusions,consider the actual situation of China’s current and futur e direction of the premiseput forward some policy recommendations.

The Comparative Research of Korean Local Autonomy System

This paper characterizes the Korean municipality which has experienced many progressive changes to establish local autonomy system under the central government. With comparison of conditions before and after its introduction, the shortcoming and future development strategy is to be taken into account in this paper, on the basis of the self-government evaluation and citizen satisfaction measurement. The reseach materials on the Korean municipality can’t be much available in China and also korea, therefore it will be a good opportunity to understand the Korean local government system and it is a significant point of view, if thinking Korean position, to review the comprehensive topics such as the comparison analysis of system operation, self-government evaluation, citizen satisfacsion and participation.

First-Principles Study on the Interface Structures of the Gallium Nitrided Epitaxial Growth on the Silicon Carbide

In the semiconductor industry, the core technology dominating the development of blue light LED is the property of nitrided gallium film, and the substrate material is the primary factor that affects the quality of the epitaxial gallium nitrided film. Choosing a better substrate material can contribute to higher effective of reducing the defects in the film growth. While the silicon carbide as the epitaxial growth gallium nitrided’s substrate, has a good performance in chemical stability, Electric conductivity and heat conduction, and has the characteristics of nonabsorbing visible light. The mismatch between the silicon carbided and the gallium nitrided is 4.2 %. Therefore the silicon carbided has the enormous superiority than the sapphire or the silicon substrate. In a word, the heoretical study on the interface structure of silicon carbided epitaxial growth gallium nitrided is necessary to understand the influence of the substrate to the epitaxial film.In this work, to study the characteristic of the interface structure in the preliminary stage of epitaxial film growth, the structure of energy bands, the density of states, the electron density difference and the Mulliken population of the SiC, GaN primitive cell and the SiC/GaN interface are calculated and analyzed with the implementation of the ultra soft pseudopotential, based on the first principle computation of the density functional theory, the exchange potential derived from the generalized gradient approximate (GGA) , as well as the arbitrary function derived from PBE,The most stable structures is found along the (001) direction in the interfaces between Si-N and C-N,after the geometry optimization, The fundamental research indicated that the electrons mainly distributes in C, N and Ga atoms periphery in the interface, when the substrate adsorbs the N atomic at the top position with the end surface of silicon. The atomic charge density of C and N mainly increases on the p orbit, which proved that the very strong covalence function between Si-N and Si-C exits. Moreover, the bond population of Si-N has increases when adsorbtion occured at the bridge position, which forms the stable four coordination covalent bonds between N atoms and Si atoms with the bond length staying at 1.852 nm, while the binding energy is -5.5786 eV, lower than -4.7490 eV at the top position. When the substrate take C as an end surface, the C-N duplet bond between the C atom and the N atom is formed, the bottom of conduction band and the top of valence band has few overlapping in the Fermi level, and the pseudogap occurs, which reflected the neighboring two atoms had strong bonding effect. The binding energy is -5.5489 eV, bigger than -5.5786 eV the binding energy of Si surface adsorb N at the top position. However, the structure will tend to be the top position model after the optimal process, when the adsorption occured at the bridge position, it concludes that the lowest energy achieved at the top position.

The resurgence of Pan-Turkism since the end of Cold War, which is cl…

The resurgence of Pan-Turkism since the end of Cold War, which is closely related to the issue of “Eastern Turkistan”, has attracted great attention. In this thesis, a systematic research is conducted in three respects: (1) The “doctrines” of Pan-Turkism are analyzed. “Pan-“, the prefix of its name, indicates the trans-nationality of its objectives. However, different from other kinds of nationalism characterized by “Pan-“(Pan-Islamism and Pan-Slavism, for instance), Pan-Turkism does not have an existing modern nation as its basis. The so-called “Turkish nation” is nothing but a theoretical fabrication by Pan-Turkists. Therefore, this thesis places the crystallization of its doctrines on top of list. (2) The development course of Pan-Turkism has been traced in the thesis. In the history of more than 100 years, it sometimes makes a clamor on the international stage, sometimes beats a retreat to the cultural circle. The thesis describes Pan-Turkism’s development history in both Central Asia and Turkey, and disinters the connections between these historical factors and current circumstances. (3) The termination of Cold War witnesses a quick revival of Pan-Turkism, which has been dormant for as long as 40 years. There is little doubt that the dramatic resurgence can be attributed to some factors inherent in the international situations in the 1990s. And the emphasis of study in this thesis is placed right on the analysis of these current factors and the predictions drawn from them.The research about Pan-Turkism by Chinese scholars will inevitably result in the study about “Eastern Turkistan”. The theory of “Eastern Turkistan” is the “heteromorphosis” of Pan-Turkism in China. First of all, they share the same nature and history, and they are coordinated in the actual movements. With regard to them, the thesis gives a clear exposition of the theory, development course as well as the patterns of its connection with the Pan-Turkists in Central Asia and Turkey. Second, ganging up with Bin Laden, “Eastern Turkistan” forces show an increasing tendency to resort to terrorist measures. The thesis analyzes the terrorist nature of “Eastern Turkistan” and ends in some solutions as policy suggestions.

Parameterized Design and Simulation of Continuously Variable Transmission Based on Virtual Prototyping Technology

As a new technology of product design, the virtual prototype design is a revolution for the traditional methods of product design. Through the virtual prototyping technology, the designer can simulate sport and the forces find the potential problems during design stage of the products in a virtual environment, the problems can quickly be modified to reduce the dependence on the physical prototype. The virtual prototyping technology also can save costs, shorten product development cycle, improve product performance, and enhance the competitiveness of products. This article is using virtual prototyping technology to design the planetary cone gear-fashioned CVT (continuously variable transmission).The planetary cone gear-fashioned CVT in the thesis belongs to the planetary CVT, it is a study on structural creation design, and based on RX CVT. It’s mechanism of speed control is the same as RX CVT’s, the speed control is finished by the planetary cone and the speed control ring, but the main transmission parts has changed conspicuously, the frictional transmission in RX CVT has been replaced for straight bevel gear transmission in the planetary cone gear-fashioned CVT so that the bigger variable speed ratio and transmission efficiency will be obtained. This article studies in the following aspects: 1、Verified the correctness and the rationality of the virtual prototype model. 2、Analyzed the output torque of the output shaft and determined the input power selection of the required motor. 3、From the studied of the virtual prototype, that the best transmission efficiency range is 350 to 700, the best transmission ratio between 0.46 to 0.2. 4、At the same time also improved the original state of the planet gears meshing, so that the original meshing force decreased. 5、The subject carried out a parametric design and optimization of the design on kinetic friction coefficient which between the adjustable ring and the planet cone, and reduced the two input motors’power input, improved the efficiency of institutions, while saved the valuable energy.The data and conclusions which have been gained during the simulation analysis for the virtual prototype have some reference value for producing and manufacturing the physical model. Next step of work, is establishing the solid model based on the parameter we have got through the optimization. Measure the model’s performance parameters and performance figures; proof the feasibility of the project.

The hoisting devices plays an important role in modern production an…

The hoisting devices plays an important role in modern production and life. However, the endless hoisting devices accidents has brought great pain and loss to country and the peoples recently. Now the major problems are how to reduce and prevent the occurrence of the accidents. Through the research by many experts and scholars at home and abroad, found that if a reasonable safe assessment give to devices before the accident was happened, find the potential risks and failures, and take reasonable safety precautions timely, this can effectively reduce and prevent accidents.The study for safety evaluation method is late in china, especially for the professional machinery and devices. Currently, the safety assessment to hoisting devices almost though on-site analysis and inspection to determine hoisting devices safety qualitatively by experts or inspectors. This evaluation method with the longer evaluation cycle, the evaluation process is complex, the potential risks and failures is difficult to detect in time, and evaluation process often influence by human factors, also the good or bad of the evaluation results have huge relation with knowledge and experiences for the experts and inspectors.In regard to deficiency of safety evaluation method for hoisting device in our country, this article take the general trolley traveling mechanism of crane for example to evaluate the safety of the system. A safety assessment model for trolley traveling mechanism system is set up base on FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis), including fuzzy sets theory and AHP(Analytic Hierarchy Process), which can be qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate the safety of the system. In so doing, it would be easier to determine the safety class and score of the whole system. According to the evaluation results of the system, improving measures can be taken by the Enterprise or department concerned in hoping to prevent the accidents effectively. In view of the accidental Economic loss for hoisting devices is difficult prediction and calculate, based on analyzing the elements and classified method of accidental Economic loss at home and abroad. This article use Statistical Standard of Economic Losses from Injury – Fatal Accidents of Enterprise Staff as the calculation model, and combine the advanced foreign accidental economic loss calculation method, so it can prediction and calculate accidental economic loss quickly after the accident was happened.A safety assessment system for general trolley traveling mechanism of crane was built based on software Visual C++ and Access database which has powerful storage capacity for all of the evaluation process above. Through a safety analysis and assessment on crane in-service, it can be concluded that the result of assessment is consistent with the practical situation of the trolley traveling mechanism, it can wholly reflect the safety of system quickly. Thus, it can provide an effectively synthetic evaluation method for safety and economic assessment of general trolley traveling mechanism.

Chemo-enzymatic Synthesis of Uridine Monophosphate

Ribose is a kind of pentose which is widespread in the nature and involved in every biological life activities and it’s also a major component of the nucleosides. Uridine monophosphate is composed of ribose, phosphate and pyrimidine base, Derivatives synthesized form uridine monophosphate have great Medical values in anti-viral and tumor antagonism. It’s necessary to build up an effectively synthesis process of UMP, because the natural nucleoside source is limited, and the price is expensive, In this study, we studied the best conditions of technological process to synthesis uridine monophosphate from D-ribose.Firstly, the process of synthesizing hybrid configuration of1-methoxy-D-ribose from D-ribose was studied. Methylations of hydrogen chloride, oil of vitriol and thionyl chloride in methanol were compared and the results shew that, the best methylation reagent is1mol/L hydrogen chloride/methanol solution, we studied the protecting conditions of1-OMe- D-ribose, synthesized1-O-acetyl-2,3,5-tri-O-benzyl-D-ribofuranose,1-O-acetyl-2,3,5-tri-O-benzoyl-D-ribofuranose,1-O-acetyl-2,3,5-tri-O-(4-chlo-robenzoyl)-P-D-ribofuranose and1,2,3,5-tetra-O-acetyl-D-ribofuranose, the best conditions were conformed.Secondly, we synthesized1-Cl-2,3,5-O-tris-benzoyl-D-ribofuranose,1,3,5-O-tris-benzoyl-D-ribofuranose and1,3,5-O-tris-(4-chlorobenzoyl)-D-ribofuranose from1-O-acetyl-2,3,5-tri-O-benzoyl-β-D-ribofuranose and1-O-acetyl-2,3,5-tri-O-(4-chlorobenzoyl)-β-D-ribofuranose by reacted with dry hydrogen chloride in dichloromethane at0℃, obtained oleaginous product1-Cl-2,3,5-O-tris-benzoyl-D-ribofuranose which was unstable in air so it was better to dissolve the product in aether for a while then to crystallize and changed to1,3,5-O-tris-benzoyl-D-ribofuranose, the yield was72%. We also obtained1-Cl-2,3,5-O-tris-(4-chlorobenzoyl)-D-ribofur-anose by reacted in dichloromethane with passing dry hydrogen chloride for2.5h at0℃, the yield was84.9%, and it is more fit to synthesis D-ribose-1-phosphate.Finally, the technological conditions of synthesizing of uridine mono-phosphate from1-O-acetyl-2,3,5-tri-O-(4-chlorobenzoyl)-β-D-ribofuranose were studied. Uracil reacted with HMDS under reflux, then the suger reacted with protected uracil under the catalysis of SnCl4in C2H4Cl2to obtain2′,3′,5′-tri-O-(4-chlorobenzoyl)-uridine, the yield was83%, removed chlorobenzoyl with NaOMe in MeOH solution to get uridine and the yield was54%. For synthesizing uridine monophosphate,2′,3′-O-isopropylidene-uridine was synthesized from uridine, the yield was81.3%, then reacted with orthophosphate at the existence of phosphorus pentoxide and4A molecular-bolt in acetonitrile, later barium hydroxide was used to neutralize the redundant orthophosphate. Removed isopropylidenes in1mol/L hydrochloric acid, dried by phosphorus pentoxide and few sodium hydroxide solid, then crystallized in ethanol and obtained uridine monophosphate, the yield was79%.