Research and Implementation of Heterogeneous Data Acquisition and Data Convergence of Sensor Networks

Data acquisition of The Internet of Things(IoT) needs varieties of sensor network fromdifferent vendors, the perceived packet form has not yet come to an agreement. The differentstructures and semantics of the collected data need to define the respective analytical way, whichlead to high effort, cost and time. Secondly, the layout of a large number of sensors and sustainedmassive data acquisition bring a large number of heterogeneous data. If you cannot put forward amethod of unified data convergence in the application of IoT, it will lead to slow and incompletefeedback of the information, which makes the platform of IoT difficult to achieve a multi-serviceapplication.Firstly, to resolve the problem of none united packet form of sensor data packet, in the study ofIEC61968-9(used in electricity meter) standard whose attributes and properties are extremelysimilar with sensor data, the paper proposes United Form of Sensor Data and defines UFSD-basedXML. The experiment shows that under the standard definition, data acquisition in a multi-sensornetwork has unified heterogeneous data conversion form and in multi-application system data canexchange seamlessly with high efficiency.Secondly, in order to establish stable information processing environment and unifiedinformation retrieval interface for users, this paper presents a data convergence architecture modelbased on MapReduce. The paper focuses on analysis of the various modules in the architecture. Toresolve conflict of the heterogeneous metadata information, the paper presents a heterogeneousconflict resolution method. Also the paper defines unified user query virtual database and a similarstructured query language, and then researches on view analytics and task allocation processing inthe parser module. At last, the paper researches on the MapReduce implementation, managementand connection processing in the actuator module. The result of Experiment shows that thearchitecture model can process mass data of the heterogeneous data sources and provide completeinformation to the user request in a relatively short time.

Application of Fourier Analysis in Well-posed BCL System

In this paper,we discuss the application of fourier analysis in well-posed BCL Sys-tem.It is actually the decay estimates of linearized BCL system with viscosity in 3-D space. At present, there is a lot of results about the wave motions. J. L. Bona, T. Colin and David Lannes derived a new system from Euler equation in《Long Wave Approximations for Water Waves》. We call this new system BCL system. JUN Qi Hu obtain the decay estimates of solutions to the linearized BCL system with viscosity when the four parameters are positive. In this thesis, we study the decay estimates when three parameters are zero and the other parameter is positive. In the mean time, we use the method of Green function combined with Fourier analysis. Speaking in detail, we divide the fourier transformation of the Green function into three parts: lower frequency part, middle part and higher frequency part, and then give estimates to them respectively by means of Taylor expansion, Fourier analysis and Young inequality. In contrast with the former studies, although this system is simple, it has better dissipative effect.This will be useful to the nonlinear and related research.

The Research on the Risk Measure and Porfolio Model for Investment

Modern portfolio theory, to which economists in the world have closely beenpaying atention, is one of the most important forward theoretical field. In 1952,Harry M. Markowitz published a landmark paper portfolio selection, that is gen-erally viewed as the origin of the modern portfolio theory approach to investing.Markowitz established the combination investment model on the thought of mea-suring the risk by the variance of revenue’s rate and developed the times of thefinancial quantitative analysis. That model has important meaning at the the-ory and application. The e?cient portfolio gathering and the boundary of theportfolio are further studied in this paper. we think the risk is the uncertainty,developping a measure of risk based on the concept of entropy as a kind ofcomplementarity for measuring risk. We all know that risk is the uncertaintyabout future returns, whereas uncertainty comprises randomness and fuzziness,we try to takes advantage of Basic concepts and principles of fuzzy sets, centerson”fuzziness”to probe into investment portfolio relationship between risk andreturn. Meanwhile, considering that di?erent investor has di?erent preference forrisk, the paper builds up a portfolio fuzzy model.

The Exploitation of Typical Belt Conveyor Design System

Belt Conveyor is continual motion machine of side less conveying articles. It isstructure is very simple, and has low cost. long distance transport and very highproductivity. It is mainly used in metallurgy、mining、coal、power plant、port andindustrial enterprises. With the continual development of modern industry science andtechnology, the import belt conveyor is become more important in industrial production,is important content of industrially mechanized mechanize. Therefore, it is veryimportant for belt conveyor to do computer-aided design.This article introduces use visual procedure language Delphi and SQL severrelations database to develop typical belt conveyer design system,it combines togethercalculation,part selecting,quoted price and statistical management, reduces designcycle of belt conveyer and design personnel’s labor intensity,enhances belt conveyerdesign calculation the accuracy and reliability, reasonably controls conveyer partsquantity and the purchase cost, enhances working efficiency and economic efficiency.

Research on Current Situation and Countermeasures of Teenagers’ Network Media Literacy

Nowadays, with more and more advanced network technology, the network has penetrated our lives, the advent of the Internet age has become an indisputable fact. In this era, not only the media elite gradually stepped down, ordinary Internet users have got the wand of production and dissemination, but also the way the network information dissemination channels are becoming more diverse with microblogging, letters and other widely used. At the same time, due to the sharp increase in information producers and uneven quality of their network media literacy,information overloading and information fragmentation and other problems become increasingly serious. Thus, we have to think about how to improve their media literacy to calmly deal with these new problems. Traditional media literacy emphasize the development of critical ability, but it has been unable to solve new problems now. Therefore,we must construct a new network media literacy theory and gravity into the ” information management capabilities” and “ability to participate in media” which focus on training people to deal with information overloading and other issues.Furthermore, youth is a special group.From the perspective of network empowerment,network is essentially the “double-edged sword.”After being empowered by network,the teenagers not only have the possibility to use the internet to build up a platform for knowledge sharing,and then contribute to the formation of solidarity and mutual assistance consciousness,but also may exacerbate information pollution even to group polarization in the process of interactive communication. From the perspective of Social psychology,if the teenagers lack network media literacy,many problems may occur,such as cognition becoming inaccurate, emotion becoming negative and behavior going off the rail.All these indicate that network media literacy is indispensable for teenagers.Tacking three hundred students from three secondary schools in hunan province as a sample,we conducted an empirical investigation on the current situation of teenagers’ network media literacy.The results show that many problems arise in the course of using the network.The teenagers not only over-indulge in entertainment,but also held misconceptions of information.They rarely take the initiative to participate in the media actively,and their awareness of the law is very weak.These are restricting the healthy growth of teenagers who are survivaling in the internet context.Obviously,the status of teenagers’network media literacy is not optimistic.In order to change this situation,we must adopt targeted measures.Firstly,We must not only take helping teenagers to establish rational emotion orientation and scientific knowledge structure as the focus, but also pay close attention to training united consciousness of dissemination.Secondly,we must depart from two dimensions of helping teenagers to update information concepts and master information technologies,and then gradually carry out education which takes training right information concepts and mastering information technologies as the focus of the content. Finally,wo need to establish a interactive mode of network media literacy education.On the one hand,we must establish youth-centered interactive relationships on the basis of knowing the characteristics of teenagers.On the other hand, wo need to mobilize schools, families and community to establish trinitariany and interactive relationships.In the process of interaction,schools, families and community must fulfill their proper function and go hand in hand.Of course,in the long term,in order to enhance the network media literacy,we nust not only focus on teenagers’ network media literacy education, but also spare no effort to promote network media literacy education as a lifelong education.

IC Packaging is the development foundation of all main industries, a…

IC Packaging is the development foundation of all main industries, and is the key factor for developing other domains such as economy, safe guard and electronic products in our China. Nowadays, ultrasonic bonding, which including wire bonding and thermosonic flip chip bonding, are the main packaging processes for manufacturing semiconductor products. The transducer system is the key working actuator in bonder, and its characteristics of ultrasonic energy propagation and vibration in bonder, and its characteristics of ultrasonic energy propagation and vibration influence the bonding quality. The whole work is aimed for improving the bonding quality, in which the ultrasonic energy propagation in the system, the dynamic characteristics effected by pre-stress are discussed. This article through managing ANSYS simulation obtain the vibration mode of transducer system, and analyze the effect of transducer when the pre-tighten force is considered or not, and validate the result through finite element analysis with Impedance equipment. The study of this paper mainly bases on:1. The currently development and problem of the ultrasonic transducer. is dissertated in this paper, the nonlinear piezoelectric ceramic PZT-electrical coupling characteristics under compressive stress are described, the conformation changes of characteristic parameters in one-dimensional piezoelectric ceramics is the basis of the finite element analysis。 2. The theoretic model of ultrasonic energy propagation of transducer system is established based on equivalent method. The impedance/admittance model includes all parameters such as materials, size, frequency and load. Based on the model, the frequency and impedance of transducer system are calculated numerically, and the result are verified by experiments.3. The affection of pre-stress for the transducer back slab and mounting style is analyzed. The model analysis effected by the pre-stress between bonding tool and ultrasonic horn is constructed.4. Finite Element Harmonic analysis and Transient analysis are researched by changing the pre-stress between bonding tool and ultrasonic horn.5. Impedance test of transducer system is introduced in this paper, and the analysis result with Impedance equipment testing transducer system is validated. The ultrasonic energy of different directions for transducer system are attained by laser Doppler vibrometer.All above research contexts, methods and conclusions will help to understand, analyze and design the ultrasonic transducer in IC bonding.

Pension Study of the First Generation of Only-Child’s Parents of Urban Areas in China

Since 1979, the introduction of “one couple one child” policy of strict family planning has now been 30 years, the family planning policy to reduce the population to the country caused by the pressure of socio-economic development ,at the same time, also had some Social problems. The strict family planning policy make a direct result is there are a lot of one-child families are produced. The first generation of only children born in the 20th century, the mid-80s, with the first generation of only-child’parents entering old age, their pension problems are more and more prominent.As China’s elderly population in the proportion of the total population continues to increase, pension problem has been caused by the domestic population attaches great importance to the academic world, but the one-child’parents’pension study is less than the issue of research. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the National couples of childbearing age, in 1979 there are 6.1 million one-child families, to 1984 has reached 28.17 million at the parents of one child received a “one-child certificate.” The first generation of Chinese current one-child family of about 28 million. Expected to be in 2023, all of the first generation of only-child’s parents will be entering old age. Such a large number and aging so rapidly, so that the study of the first generation of only-child parents should not be ignored.This article is divided into four parts:The first part is introduction. First of all, this part is to examine the significance, pointing out that the first generation of China’s one-child parents, as well as the Basic study of the significance of the status quo. Followed by literature review and sum up the direction of domestic scholars, as well as problems. Finally, the framework of the theoretical basis and articles on writing this article the use of a variety of theories and research of this article, objectives, content and methods.The second part is the city of the first generation of the Basic situation of the one-child families, the city introduced the first generation of one-child families as a result of the background, current status, characteristics and the aging trend of the first-generation only child’parents.The third part is the first generation of urban one-child’parents’pension cases pressure analysis of Daqing City in Heilongjiang Province as an example. This part of the study was based on the data of the Daqing City for 300 children born before 1984, the parents of the situation, the will to carry out from the survey by the author, the first generation of urban old-age wishes of the one-child parents, worried about the degree requirements and analysis. At the same time, the use of data analysis software, survey data on a dollar one-way ANOVA and multiple regression analysis, build model to discuss the one-child parents in old-age process, the various factors on the old-age worry about the impact of degrees.The fourth part is the first generation of only children in the age of the willingness of parents, concerned about the needs and carry out the analysis, the pension for one child to make some feasible suggestions.In this paper, the following conclusions:First, the first-generation only child of aging parents will be more and more serious, is expected to enter in 2023 will all be old age.Secondly, from a sample survey of this situation, the first generation of only-child parents in general higher education, with an average income above the basic level in the middle, better overall Health status.Third, from the first generation of only-child parents wishes and needs of old-age, they generally choose the family pension, which shows that in China, the traditional family model is still old-age pension is the most common way.Fourth, from the old-age degree of fear factor, the better the economic situation of families, old-age worry about the lower degrees; better Health, lower degree of old-age worry; personally enjoyed the Social old-age insurance and Medical insurance satisfaction degrees higher degree of worry about the lower old-age pension; the higher level of education, degree of worry about the lower age; younger the age the lower the degree of fear; and gender, the spouse and children the situation of gender is worried about the influence of age is not significant.The finally of the article, old-age pension for one child to make some feasibility of proposals: the one-child families and improve old-age social security system, build a new old-age service system, the rich spiritual and cultural life of the elderly, establishing self-promotion of the elderly a sense of old-age pension, to encourage one-child living with their parents nearby, hoping for China’s one-child problems endowment to provide some reference.

Research on Image Product3D Shape Merging Technology Based on Spherical Harmonic Map

In recent years, the technology is developing rapidly and the market is become more competitive, the using function has not enough to meet the consumers’demands. The new challenge for designers and manufacturers is being able to understand what the customers like and what can help to establish more pleasant products. In this aspect, the product styling has possessed a very important position in arousing the consumer’s emotion. Aslo, The research of product styling and image has gained widely attention.In this research, the shape of image product is the stating point. The consumers’ kansei image which formed by product styling form is analysed, and a new method to enrich product form based on Spherical Harmonic Map is presented. The research contains the following three steps.Firstly, the product samples and kansei image were obtained based on Kansei Engineering, and the relationship between the product3D shape and the consumers’ kansei image was built by the Principal Component Analysis method. The image scale distribution of the sample was created, and two experimental sample shapes were determined.Secondly, two sample models which determined by the first step were modeled by3D Engineering software. The3D models were divided by triangular meshes, and the surface data structures of grid models were extracted. Then the two meshed models were spherical parameterized by Spherical Harmonic Map and generated the spherical embedding models. The parameterization datas were extracted through embedding models.At last, by merging two embedded models, a corresponding relation between two3D models can be established. The merged shapes between two models were easily generated with the linear interpolation method. The computer graphic user interface was designed to display the merged product3D shapes, and the images included in merged product3D shapes were analysed to test the innovation of this research.Two different car body shapes were taken as a practice example. The result shows that the method is adapted to the product shape merging, which will have a better application prospect in innovation design of computer aided product styling.

Research and Design on Sample/Hold Circuit for 12-bit 40 MHz Pipeline ADC

In recent years, Pipeline ADC is widely used in the portable video device and wireless mobile, due to its high speed high resolution and low power consumption. Sample/Hold Circuit (S/H) is the most forward part of Pipeline ADC, and its speed resolution and power consumption will mostly determine the performance of the whole ADC. So to study and design a Sample/Hold Circuit with high speed high resolution is very crucial to the Pipeline ADC.Firstly, we introduce the Sample/Hold Circuit, analyzing its working principle performance index and the source of error. And then, we analyze the important part of the S/H in detail.Based on the studies, the S/H we designed uses the fully differential flip-around structure, the fully differential topology can lower the common mode noise from the bulk, and also can lower the distortion caused by many non-linearity factor, but it makes the layout more complex and needs common mode feedback circuit. The flip-around structure has lower noise and power consumption, and hasn’t the gain error caused by the matching problem of the capacitances. Bootstrapped switch with dummy device is used to minimize the nonlinearity caused by the MOS switch. A folded cascade operational transconductance amplifier with gain-booster circuit is used to enhance the speed and precision performance.The Sample/Hold Circuit is finally simulated and analyzed under the Cadence environment based on XFAB’s 0.35μm CMOS process. The result shows that the Sample/Hold Circuit can achieve 13-Bit resolution under 3-V supply voltage and 40 MHz sampling rate, which can be used in the 12-Bit 40 MHz Pipeline ADC.

The Study on the Theory of Civil Society in Political Philosophy of the Modern British

Civil society, first appeared in the west, has different meanings in different times. The earliest concept of “Civil society” appeared in “political socience”. Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, used “Politke Kornonia” to refer to a Social or political community composed with homogeneous citizens, which pursued a common good or interests.From ancient Greece to modern times, civil society has different meanings in different period and have different focus. Natural philosophers in Greece and Socrate make the main theme shifted from the God to the people. The origin of state become the theme of western classical political Philosophy. Medieval times, theology ruled the Europe, the development of political Philosophy is constrained by theology. In modern times, with the development of commodity economy, commodity exchange has gradually replaced the blood ties between people .Homogeneous communities have gradually began heterogeneous, counties are no longer pursuing the common good of mankind. Personal interests and the public welfare become the first priority of a country.Modern nation State replace churches, secular royalty replace theocratic right and the public sectors have emerged and rise of medieval theological political and Social order, attacked by new concepts, political Philosophy, the theory of civil society rise laid a good age. Modern British political philosophy, The theory of civil society in Modern British political philosophy generally divided into three periods : the first stage is the establishment of commodity economy, mercantilism rised, it is represented by Hobbs. By the natural state and the Social contract theory of the origins and social perspective, Hobbs explored the establishment of State and government, emphasized the absolute authority of the state. The second stage is the risment of classical liberalism, it is represented by Locke. State responsible for the protection of people’s lives, property and freedom, the state and government was established by people, if the government violated the citizen right, could not properly perform their duties, people can return to the natural state, choose to establish a new government. The third stage is represented by Hume. Human selfishness and limited generosity, in