An Improved Formula for Computing Normal Forms of Dynamical Sytstems

For simplifying the analysis of instability and bifurcation of dynamical system, normal form theory is one of the most powerful tools for the study of nonlinear dynamical systems, in particular, of higher order nonlinear dynamical systems. In this dissertation a new recursive formula for computing normal forms based on the adjoint operator method of dynamical systems is first introduced. By solving a series of algebra equations with the aid of Maple software, we can obtain not only the normal form of the dynamical systems and the associated nonlinear transformations but also new higher order terms of dynamical systems after nonlinear transformations. The main contributions of the dissertation are listed as follows.Firstly, the review of normal form theory and methods is demonstrated, then the improved formula for computing normal form is presented based on the adjoint operator method. In this dissertation, a formula is firstly proposed to compute any k order normal form of dynamical system. By solving a series of algebra equations based on the adjoint operator method, we can obtain a new formula for computing normal form of dynamical system. The recursive formula can get not only the coefficients of the jth order(j = 2,…,k) normal forms and the associated nonlinear transformations but also higher (> j) order terms of dynamical system.Secondly, we not only give the associated proof of the new formula for computing normal forms of dynamical system but also apply this method to study the normal forms of two types of dynamical systems: one of dynamical systems has a double zero and a pair of pure imaginary eigenvalues, and the other is 4-dimensional nilpotent dynamical system, which shows the efficiency of the method.Lastly, the Maple program has been developed to compute the normal form and the associated nonlinear transformations of dynamical system. The detailed results of normal forms of original dynamical systems and the associated nonlinear transformations are also given.

As an important part of political system, the Supervision system loc…

As an important part of political system, the Supervision system locates at a very important position. It is accept that Supervision Ministry is the most powerful supervisory organization among National government.The study of the Supervision Ministry of National Government is involved in theories and methods of many subjects, such as history, politics, jurisprudence and philology etc. Though many records, files and materials have been found, the related study is still dispersed, and lacks a vertical discussion by a continued and whole method. Based on historical facts, in order to get a historical experience which use for reference from success and failure of historical supervisory activities, this dissertation is attempting to get a scientific analysis and a academic summary by cross-subject theory and method after that examining the developmental history of the structure, canvassing the functional compartmentalization, and discussing the mechanism of running.The dominant writing idea of the dissertation is that builds up a new framework according to a new method. The dissertation is divided into five Parts. Part I reviews the origins which the Supervision Ministry is established by Kuomintang. Depending on many historical materials, Part II introduces the turbulent and inconstant structure of the Supervision Ministry, analyses the phenomena of a political system whichwas manipulated by the autarchy of Kuomintang, and discusses the special system under a legal system of bourgeois democracy suggested by Sun Zhongshan that fivepower and authority of lawmaking, administration of political, justice, examination and si~ervising be separated. Part III, which is the emphases of this dissertation, firstly introduces the ideas how the legal authority was endowed with the Supervision Ministry and changed according to three periods, then dialyses the facial rigor in Kuomintang 憇 period while claiming the supervisory power to have been ensured by all sorts of rule and law, and finally explains restrict steps of prevent abusing supervisory power by Kuomintang. Part IV, following the front contents, discusses the reasons causing supervisory system running ineffectively, whereas the operational system of the Supervision Ministry seems to be perfect. The last part, which examines the historical roles and limitations of the Supervision Ministry, is a brief of this dissertation.This dissertation concludes that Supervision Ministry of National government remains in degree some roles, such as challenging feudalistic autocratic system and accel&ating the proceeding of supervising legislation, however the SupervisionMinistry is only a tool for Kuomintang to controll its power because of its subordinate location. At the same time, the Supervision Ministry bears itself difficultly souncotx~uering weakness that makes it stand in the state of malign inner recurrence, therefor it is not evitable that the supervisory power gradully corrupted and becameaberrat.

H Co.,Ltd Raw Material Inventory Management Research

Manufacturing is the pillar of the national economy industry, is the dominant industry of China’s Economic growth and the basis of Economic transformation, direct embodiment of the country’s productivity levels. Raw material inventory is the foundation of the development of manufacturing industry, only guarantee sufficient raw material inventory, can guarantee the Enterprise’s normal and sustainable development. But the more raw material inventory may caused to the company’s a lot of inventory, which restricts the company’s capital turnover and then be in the disadvantage when compete with the same industry. H Co., Ltd is a private manufacturing, Its mainly production is the offset. The company didn’t realize the importance of the raw material inventory to the company’s development in the initial plant, which lead to excess inventory now, turnover rate, facing the threat of a shortage of funds. The shortage sufficient funds of the Enterprise development and production, lead the enterprise stalled. In order to get out of this predicament, H Co., Ltd is in urgent need to find an effective way to control inventory.In this paper, H Co., Ltd is studied, the production operations Management theory as a guide is used, qualitative and quantitative analysis is adopted. Through the theory and the combination of the actual situation, especially through the sales forecast, production capacity, warehouse Management, procurement, and other factors to analyze the raw materials inventory. Through the above analysis to identify the main factors affecting raw materials inventory,Provide an effective theoretical basis for the control of H Co., Ltd’s inventory.Through the study of this paper, on the one hand, provide a set of practical solutions H Co., Ltd to help reducing companies inventory, and then improving its turnover; on the other hand, according to the actual situation of enterprise, some new inventory management problems and solutions is proposed, provide a theoretical basis for the peer companies.

Study of Pre-diabetes and the Mechanism in Rats Induced by Organophosphorus Pesticide Omethoate

Background:Diabetes is a severe public Health problem around the world.Related epidemiological and laboratory studies indicate thatorganophosphorus pesticide exposure could increase diabetic prevalence anddeath rates. Glycosuria is increased in acute or chronic organophosphoruspesticide poisoning patients. Omethoate, one of organophosphorus pesticidewhich is more toxicity and it’s median lethal dose(LD50) of feed in rats is500mg/kg, is applied extensive in many fields. The mechanism of omethoateacute poisoning is inhibition of cholinesterase activity leading to neurotoxicity.Furthermore, omethoate has toxic acion on many organizations such asdyslipidemia, oxidative stress, apoptosis, some insulin resistance effect.Currently studies of prediabetes induced by organophosphorus pesticide are inearly stage, and there are few organophosphorus pesticides tested such asmarathon, dimethoate, diazinon, dichlorvos and so on. Quantity of omethoateapplication is very large, so our study use omethoate to induce prediabetesand discuss the mechanism of prediabetes.Objective: While rats are induced by omethoate8weeks,we will examinetheir fast blood glucose(FBG) level, fast blood insulin(FINS) level, oxidativestress and insulin insulin signal transduction function to explore themechanism of prediabetes effect.Method:50wistar rats were randomly divided into5groups: Control groupwhich is dealed with nothing; Vehicle group which was provided same dose ofarachis oil as omethoate groups; L-dose group which was provided omethoateof1/40LD50; M-dose group which was provided omethoate of1/20LD50;H-dose group which was provided omethoate of1/10LD50.After administrated8weeks, rats were killed and samples were collected. FBG level was examined by glucometer, and FINS level was examined by automaticradioimmunoassay system, and MDA level was detected with thiobarbituricacid(TBA) assay, and GSH-Px, SOD, CAT activities were measured withcolorimetry, and Bax, Bcl-2of pancreas and IRS-1, p38MAPK of skeletalmuscle were quantified with western blot. Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) andbutyrylcholinesterase(BChE) activities were examined with Ellman method.Pathology of pancreas was observed using H-E staining.Results:1. FBG, FINS level: The level of FBG was no significantdifference among five groups. There are no significant differences of FINSlevel among control group, Vehicle group, L-dose group and M-dose group.Compared with control group and Vehicle group, FINS level in H-dose groupdecreased significantly (P<0.05).2. Blood AChE, BChE activities: These areno significant difference of blood AChE, BChE activities between control groupand Menstuum group. Compared with control group and Vehicle group, bloodAChE, BChE activities in L-dose group, M-dose group and H-dose group hadsignificantly decreased (P<0.05), and H-dose group was the lowest.3. Bloodlipid level: Compared with control group, L-dose group and H-dose group,blood lipid level in Vehicle group and L-dose group increased significantly(P<0.05). Compared with control group, Vehicle group and H-dose group,blood TC level was decreased significantly (P<0.05) and blood LDL level wasincreased significantly (P<0.05) in L-dose group and M-dose group. These areno significant difference of blood HDL among five groups.4. Oxidative stress inplasma, pancreas and skeleton muscle: Compared with control group andVehicle group, plasma, pancreas and muscle MDA level in L-dose group,M-dose group, H-dose group increased significantly (P<0.05). Compared withcontrol group and Vehicle group, rats exposed to Omethoate had significantlylower plasma CAT activity (P<0.05), but activities of CAT in pancreas andmuscle were significantly increased (P<0.05). Compared with control group,rats exposed to Omethoate had significantly higher activities of GSH-Px in plasma and muscle (P<0.05), but activity of GPS-Px in pancreas wassignificantly decreased (P<0.05). Compared with control group, rats exposedto Omethoate had significantly higher activities of SOD in plasma andpancreas (P<0.05), but activity of SOD in skeleton muscle was significantlydecreased (P<0.05).5. Pathology of pancreas, skeletal muscle, spleen, liverand kidney in rats: Compared with control group, There are no significantdifferences of pathology in the five tissues of rats.6. Bax and Bcl-2ratio of ratspancreas: Compared with control group, Bax and Bcl-2ratio increasedsignificantly (P<0.05), H-dose group is the highest.7. IRS-1expression of ratsskeleton muscle: Compared with control group and Vehicle group, IRS-1expression is decreased significantly (P<0.05), H-dose group is the lowest.8.p38MAPK expression of rats skeleton muscle: Compared with control group,p38MAPK expression is increased significantly (P<0.05), H-dose group is thehighest.Conclusion:1. AChE and BChE activities of rats induced by ometoatewere reamarkble decreased.2. Omethoate exposure to rats causes oxidative stress, dyslipidemialeading to pancreas damage.3. Omethoate exposure to rats generated pre-diabetes effect resulting inobstacle of insulin signaling pathways.

The Breakup of Ancient Greek Drama and the Reorganization of the Drama Elements in the Renaissance Period

Drama is the spirit of humanity and art, on some level, drama can be taken as the emergence of the mature stage of a civilization. The formation and development of drama need a mature cultural background. However, the maturation of a civilization does not fully depend on a successive history; it mainly depends on the material and spiritual pursuit of the human society, as well as the possession of the cognitive ability. It can be said that, the development of performing art is not completely follow a successive sequence, or from lower culture to higher culture as the Darwin law. The demise of the traditional arts and disruption will occur from time to time. It is a great significance to extend our understanding of the development of human civilization from this special cultural phenomenon, since performing art provides us a new perspective of the inspection.This paper examines the development of the European performing art forms, the disappearance and interruption of tradition. We define this phenomenon as the “European theater fault” phenomenon. This “fault” we present here has two meanings: first, the ancient Greek drama breakup and extinction is the beginning of the European performing art. It is the interruption in the locality transformation of European performing art. Secondly, as the represent the classical traditions of performing art the ancient Greek drama were interrupted, it is the timing consequent fault in the European performing art heritage. In the medieval period of the tenth century, the religionized performance was reborn in the complex Christian ceremonies. Prior to this is nearly 500 years of the window period European performing art history, it can be said that despite the birth of the medieval religious performance and ancient Greek drama in the forms of art retain certain commonalities, there is no direct relationship between the succession. Renaissance drama emerged directly from in the medieval religious performance, meanwhile it learned from the classical drama for the maternal nutrient and certain genetic factors. During this period, the scientific spirit and rational consciousness prompted drama to have profound changes in its concept. The distinction between types of performing art became increasingly clear. As elements of the ancient Greek performing art, language, music and dance gradually separated, expanded independently and developed their forms into drama, opera and ballet, the three major styles of modern performing art. The elements of performing art recomposed and evolved into its modern restructure.This paper is to study the different stages of the form of the European theater art, and simplified the detailed analysis of the other research context. The purpose of this is to approach to the truth of the fault in the history of performing art from a wider range of the multi-dimensional perspective, which is normally ignored in most research.According to the information currently available to the author, “the European theater fault” phenomenon has not yet been clearly defined in the academic community. But some foreign medieval drama researchers also think that the medieval drama, Greek and Roman tragedy and comedy are not related at all. This is evidence that there is not such a continuous history of the European performing art.The study is a brave conjecture and carefully verified. Meanwhile we tried to this investigation of the performing art in following methods: collating the literature and the actual situation, analysis case study and generally rules, combining traditional and new methods of Social science. In this paper, the authors attempt to do rigorous exposition, a compact, elegant writing, have certain academic and readability.

How the Media Influences Firm’s Performance Variability

In corporation governance, the performance level and performance variability are both two important dimensions. Though prior studies pay much attention to the level of performance, here we focus on the variability of performance. Taking636manufacture corporate from Chinese stock market between2006and2011as object of study, the paper study the relationship between managers’ capital(Tangible Capital and Reputation Capital) and performance variability. Also, we pay attention to the role of the media(media attention and media tone). At the same time, we divide our sample into two parts:2006-2008and2009-2011, and we study the different role of the media in different economy environment.The most of the prior study of manager’s capital are about managers’ tangible capital, while we focus not only tangible capital but also reputation capital. And we study managers’ capital and performance variability.The result of the empirical study reveals that comparing to media attention, media tone has more powerful governance effects. The role of the media is different in different environment:both the moderating effect of media attention and media tone to the relationship between managers’ tangible capital and performance variability are significant before the financial crisis, but this moderating effect is not significant in2009-2011. On the other hand, the relationship between managers’ reputation capital and performance is negatively related, but not significant. And the moderating effects of media attention and media tone to this relationship are both not significant, no matter before or after the financial crisis. Take the global environment into consideration is a flash point of the paper.Finally, according to the empirical result, we find the institution of Chinese public companies is very special. Most of the public companies are transformed from state-owned business, whose managers are often officials but not those from managers market. This kind of appointment mechanism has negative effect to corporate governance to a great extent. This suggests that we need to build a mature managers’ market to make the governance mechanism of media to the most extent in corporate governance.

Study on Atypical Buckles’-landslip and Its Prevention and Treatment of Changsha Commerce & Tourism College

Changsha Commerce &Tourism College background for the project Slope thesis studied soft bedding rock slope’s atypical buckles’-landslip and its prevention and treatment issues.1. The landslide is a new type of buckling failure type, named atypical buckling-type landslideAtypical buckling-type landslide landslide features are:soft bedding rock slope, sliding surface is not invading, the slope toe at a certain distance in front of the gradient at the base of rock bent-uplift, can become damaged. Yet to emerge in stages, or is temporarily unable to determine the evolution characteristics of the phased evolution of the possible evolution pattern is curved-uplift at the top of shearing failure. When the gradient at the base of the rock (plate girder) to achieve yield or “buckling” (buckling), or curved-uplift at the top of cut damage, landslides might once again slip instability.2. Analysis demonstrated Engineering side of this background (slide) slope hydrodynamic model is intermittent infiltration-cracks dive type and groundwater on the rock slope of the role of the mechanism of fracture within the underground movement, hydrostatic pressure (including the sliding surface uplift pressure), and the transient saturated zone groundwater gravity (in rock and soil wet bulk density, saturated bulk density performance).3. Analysis of rock slope was cut structural surface discontinuities of geological bodies, should be divided into strong vertical wind and unloading zone, in the weathering zone and so on, each with the strength of the concept of an integrated intensity. Quantitative evaluation of the slope strong weathering and unloading zone, the integrated shear strength of rock weathering with the calculation speed of the landslide and the role of sliding time, the average force on the gradient at the base of rock.4. That the decline of this background work that goes on the classic-style landslide classification before sliding Department geomechanical model is the plastic flow-pull crack before sliding failure conditions at the bridge should be consistent with rock tensile failure criterion:σ3=-T0 (rock tensile strength). 5. Paper presents a calculation model of the residual thrust down:the assumption that bending-shear uplift at the top for the export, transfer coefficient method used to complete the remaining slide down thrust calculation, but the calculation of the remaining thrust down the conclusions should be taken only at its base, the compartmentalization of down thrust angle for the remainder of 0°. The calculation model in line with the status quo.6. Because of the atypical buckles’landslip is not invading the sliding surface and the base rock by injury characteristics, to distinguish between the slope of the deformation phase of movement and destruction of a comprehensive prevention and treatment phase, targeted slope in the slope taken active measures for the prevention and treatment project, be careful or it would not be appropriate to take a passive force at its base to prevent and control type measures. Control the use of reliability Engineering valueβ≥1.65, which works to meet China’s current system requirements specification. Slope of this project as a whole using gravity-type retaining wall, slope+lattice beam+bolting control.

A Survey on the Mathematics Teaching Knowledge of Pre-service Teachers

This study is designed to carry out surveys about the mathematics teaching knowledge of the pre-service teachers. The study has two main subjects: (1)the state of pre-service teachers’teaching knowledge of mathematics; (2) the existence of all kinds of sources in the attainment of the pre-service teachers’mathematics teaching knowledge, as well as the effects of the different sources on their mathematics teaching knowledge. The intention is to arouse the teachers’reflection on their own knowledge, and provide some references to the normal students of higher normal institutions.This paper established a conceptual framework for the study. Pre-service teachers’mathematics teaching knowledge is defined as the pre-service teachers of mathematics instruction on how to know things, which consists of four parts: the knowledge about mathematics curriculum,the knowledge about mathematics teaching,the knowledge about mathematics learning and pedagogical knowledge in psychology. In the study, pre-service teachers’sources of mathematics teaching knowledge have been identified as: the primary and secondary students’experience, the general educational curriculum, the mathematics Education courses, educational practice, tutoring and shifting experience and extra-curricular learning.The paper aims at the pre-service teachers of the Mathematics Department, Northeast Normal University. The investigation is carried out according to the self-edited questionnaires. The result shows that the average level of the pre-service teachers’mastery of the mathematics teaching knowledge is not very well. The mastery of Mathematics Teaching Knowledge is best, superior to the mastery of Mathematics Curriculum ,Mathematics Learning and the Educational Psychology Knowledge. Gender has significant effect on the teaching knowledge of mathematics and girls’mastery of mathematics teaching knowledge is better than boys'; academic career and tutoring experience have no effect on the teaching knowledge of mathematics; the various sources exist in the dimensions of the mathematics teaching knowledge; the sources’relative importance towards pre-service teachers’attaiment of mathematics teaching knowledge:”Mathematics Education Courses”are the most important sources;”General Education Courses”,”Educational Practice”and”Extra-curricular learning”are relatively important sources;”the experience of the primary and secondary students”and”the tutoring and shifting experience”are the least important sources.

On the Study of Turkey’s Entering the EU

As a secular muslin country, Turkey attaches importance to the relations with the western countries all the time. It was until the late 19th century that Turkey began its westernization in politics, economy and Social structure. Ever since the founding of the Republic in 1923, the successive Turkish governments have been taking the “westernization” and “secularization” as an unshakable Basic national policy. After World War II, especially after the breaking out of Cold War, Turkey’s foreign policy is totally close allied with the west and takes “entering the EU” as the Ultimate Aim for Turkey’s integration into Europe. Comparing with other applicants, it is noticeable is that Turkey’s course of EU entry is quite slow, because of its political, economical and cultural factors. Since Turkey applied for Joining EEC – the original form of EU in July, 1959 to 17th, December, 2005 when EU decided to start negotiation with Turkey about the issues of entering the EU, the total course takes 64 years. However, it will still take several years for Turkey to enter the EU and the course is full of uncertainties.Turkey’s entering the EU carries weight in the International and Regional Political Situation, the development of EU, Islamic World and western countries. This paper adopts the theory of National Interests, game theory and interdependence theory to analyze the reasons of Turkey’s entering the EU, including its citizen’s intense European complex and Turkey’s incessant attempt to enter the EU as early as possible which were motivated by its Economic and political interests. Then the paper continues to analyze why Turkey still not enters the EU and discusses some advantages for Turkey’s EU entry. For example, Turkey’s conspicuous regional and political advantages, its decisive importance in Central Asia and Middle East areas and its ally – American’s firm support, all of which are Turkey’s trump. At last, this paper previews Turkey’s future relationship with EU and makes a conclusion that Turkey’s EU entry is full of uncertainties which depend on both parties’ interactions and games.

The Design and Realization of PDM System Oriented Product Design

Although CAD technology extensively used has improved the efficiency of enterprises drawing and design, it appears some problems such as low level document sharing, finding valid information difficultly and guaranteeing document’s security hardly etc. All of the problems result from lacking of effective Management of product data and process. Those have influenced the design efficiency seriously. Product data Management (PDM) is just a new technology of solving problems described above. It grows up with the environment of modern product development. Based on the analysis of Enterprise’s demand and the design target with the PDM technology, this paper presents an overall layered framework of the system and details the analysis of system’s modular structure and functions. Finally it realizes some modules of the system such as user authorization Management, document management, project management and so on.The module of user authorization management analyzes the commonly used privileges access control models in the management information system. It uses role-based access control model and resource classification method to achieve an effective and simple method. It uses group-based user management scheme to reduce the complexity of the authorization and improve the efficiency of management. The module of document management details the design and implementation analysis of static and dynamic management functions included Basic management, storage management transmission management and version management etc. Based on these functions above, the system achieves some commonly used operations such as document signed in and signed out, import and backup, search etc. The module of project management explains the definition and function of it. It analyzes the Architecture of task management based on work-flow, and implements the automatic execution and monitoring of project tasks. Simultaneously the structure management is realized based on the parts library. These modules’ functions meet the Basic needs of Enterprise, and have been successfully used in the enterprise.This paper is based on the system named “product design management system” which has brought into practice and run in the enterprise. The system described in the paper has been redesigned by further consideration of the system generic and the function integrity. Through using object-oriented design methodology and software development ideology such as design pattern, it realized with more perfect feather. The system is constructed on the platform of Netbeans RCP development and used plug-in mechanism, so it has better independence and scalability of modules. The system can reduce redundancy of enterprise information, enhance information sharing and improve design efficiency, so it has good practicability.