Research on the Effectiveness of the Class Teaching Under the Sight of Communication

Promoting teaching effectiveness of class is the eternal pursuit of Chinese and foreign educators in thousands of years. From ancient east to the west, from Confucius of two thousand years ago to Comenius, from Herbart to Zankf, from Banbasiki to other famous educators, the research on teaching effectiveness never ceased.”The effective teaching is one kind of the effect and efficiency teaching that teachers and students in particular environment and conditions, based on the reservation of the teaching goal, have a communication and interaction “. It is the core of curriculum and teaching objectives.From the concept, teaching effectiveness of present Education is originated from the old way of thinking about classroom teaching effectiveness studies. The study of teaching effectiveness studies on the basis of deep thinking for practitioners provide a framework of philosophical perspective. From theory of teaching effectiveness, the educators can be expected to realize the teaching effectiveness through the effective communication.From the perspective of communication, this thesis mainly uses documentary analysis, investigation method and theoretical analysis method to analyze the ineffective teaching phenomenon of class. This thesis puts forward some countermeasures and Suggestions pertinently based on the reasons of the ineffective teaching.This thesis is divided into six parts.The first part, the introduction. It introduces the reasons for research topic and significance, and analyses the related records. Describing the research methods and defining the core concepts of the thesis.The second part describes communication, communication teaching and teaching effectiveness. Based on explicating the definition of the concept of communication, communication teaching and teaching effectiveness, the author takes the study of teaching effectiveness under the angle of the communication theory.The third part is an introduction of the Basic theory of improving the effectiveness of class teaching under the sight of communication. This part analyzes the theoretical basis and refining.The fourth part is a perspective from the angle of the effectiveness of classroom teaching. Respectively in the study, the author discusses from the following four aspects: the features of effective teaching under the sight of communication; the principles of improving the effective of class teaching, the factors of constructing the effective class teaching under the sight of communication, the standards of effective class teaching under the sight of communication.The fifth part is a lack of communication and the cut-off in the modern teaching practice and communication. First, it states the representations of teaching communication and cut-off in class teaching, and then analyses the causes.The sixth part is the construction of classroom teaching effectiveness under the sight of communication. According to the above analysis, and combining with the deep reasons of the teaching material, the author introduces the strategies and suggestions of effectiveness of classroom teaching.Teaching effectiveness is the pursuit of modern teaching, but also is the essential characteristics of curriculum reform of Education, and also is the necessary requirement of realizing the development of the connotation of education. To improve the effectiveness of teaching has become one of the important propositions of the new curriculum reform. The purpose of the research on the effectiveness of class teaching under the sight of communication is to serve the development of each student. This is our education bounden duty.

A Study on Problem-Solving Ability of Medical Students under PBL Teaching Model

ObjectivesThe objectives of this thesis lie in availing problem-solving ability level of Medical students under problem-based learning model, finding the differences of problem-solving ability in some special dimension between the students who have been taught by PBL and those who haven’t, including those have traditional classes for three years and the freshmen that begin to have the PBL classes from the second term till the end. The reasons that possibly produce the differences will be given a discuss in order to provide some data supports for PBL teaching reform in Medical universities and institutes.MethodsField survey. The Basic data mainly comes from the field survey that is created by the researcher itself which has a testified reliability and structure validity.It consists of problem-solving cycle. Applying with exploring factor analysis methods, problem-solving cycle divides into seven aspects:problem identification,definition of problem, construction a strategy for problem solving, organizing information about a problem, allocation of rescources,moitoring problem solving, evaluating problem solving. The field survey includes participants’Basic human character such as age, gender, home, grade, single child or not,the teaching models and second language.Sample survey. The data about normal distribution of students’problem-solving ability level comes from the sample survey on the questionnaires of 1112 participants from grade 1 to grade 3 in China Medical Universities. We get 476 copies from students under PBL in order to comparing with students under traditional teaching way. ResultsBased on the seven factors extracted from the survey, we made statistic analysis to the available data, finally we get the results:the total level of PBL students’ problem-solving ability is batter than the traditional teaching level.There is a significant difference in the aspects of problem identification,definition of problem, moitoring problem solving the level of PBL students in these aspects are batter than non-PBL students. Furthermore, the level of construction a strategy for problem solving, organizing information about a problem, allocation of rescources, evaluating problem solving aspects of PBL students is equaled with non-PBL students. The thesis also takes a deep discuss about the reasons that may cause the differences.ConclusionsAs odd as it sounds,identifying a situation as problematic is sometimes a difficult step.PBL students is batter than non-PBL students on problem identification, because students have more clinical cases in PBL.PBL students can discuss much more things about clinic.Once we identify the existence of a problem, we still have to define and represent the problem well enough to understand how to solve it. PBL students is batter then non-PBL students on definition of problem. Because PBL students need finish their homework in limited time, so they must have ability of definition of problem.Effective problem solvers do not set out on a path to a solution and wait until they have reached the end of the path to check where they are.Rather, they check up on themselves all along the way, to make sure that they are getting closer to their goal. PBL students are batter then non-PBL students on moitoring problem solving.

Structure and Photoluminescence Properties of Fe-ZnO Films Deposited on Si and Al2O3

ZnO films, a directly wide band gap semiconductor, have been actively studied because of its potential applications. It can be used in solar cells, piezoelectric device, optoelectric device, transparent conducting electrodes and gas sensors. The characteristics of ZnO films can be modulated by the appropriate dopant. Specially, the studies for ZnO based diluted magnetic semiconductors have now attracted much attention of many researchers. To research the effects of Fe dopant on the structure and optical properties of ZnO films, in this paper, we prepared Fe-doped ZnO films by radio frequency (RF) magnetron sputtering and studied the characteristics and optical properties.1. FexZn1-xO(x=0, 0.08 and 0.15) films were deposited on oriented p-type Si (111) substrates by reactive rf magnetron sputtering. XPS and XRD results indicate that Fe2+ ions have substituted for Zn2+ successfully, and the films were well oriented to the c axis (002). The PL peak at 378 nm has a tendency of redshift and the intensity at 414 nm enhances slightly as the Fe concentration increases. The redshift of the peak at 378 nm is usually caused by new detects and band structure deformation resulting from lattice deformation, and the enhancement of the peak at 414 nm may be associated with the interface traps existing in the depletion regions between the ZnO-ZnO grain boundaries which is becoming more and more complicated.2. FexZn1-xO (x = 0, 0.05 and 0.14) films were prepared and annealed in vacuum at 600℃, and their structure and optical properties were studied by XRD, XPS, SEM, PL methods. Fe element appeared in the films as Fe3+ ions which substituted Zn2+ ions sites. And all the films were well oriented to c axis (002). The PL peak at 408nm (arise from exciton recombination) decreased with Fe doped. For the PL peak at 557nm (may arise from oxygen vacancy) increased as the Fe-doping going. And at last, the PL peak at 585nm, as The experimental result indicated, was probably related to local state transition arise from Fe.

Color is a name card attached to the appearance of the agricultural …

Color is a name card attached to the appearance of the Agricultural machinery. On the basis of the achievements in”Research on Self-Propelled Corn Combines for Stalks and Ears”(Project No.: 2001BA504B06), one of the national key scientific research projects during the tenth”Five-Year Period”, this paper makes an analysis of features of corn combines and summarizes the general rule for color design of corn combines. And the paper turns to be an effective guide for practice of color design of corn combines and provides a theoretical basis for enhancement of color design of corn combines.This paper focuses on the orientation and implication of color design of corn combines. And the former can be divided into the following: 1) requirements for functions of color design, 2) aesthetic requirements, 3) rural aesthetics, 4) Environmental features of various corn planting regions in China, 5) color design identified with corporate cultures, and 6) color design practice of corn combines. With the above-mentioned analysis, the paper proposes the principles for color design of corn combines: color design should meet the functions of products and highlight features of the Agricultural machinery; and it should also conform to aesthetic principles, taking into consideration corporate images and customers’preferences.As for the current situation and development of color design of corn combines, relevant suggestions are put forward in the ending part as follows: state-level support for theoretical research on color design should be strengthened to improve designers’performance; the thinking pattern of the Management should be shifted to taking the brand strategy and the industrial design should be imported into products research and development as early as possible.

On the Construction of Harmonious Rules in Socialist Society

Rule is a series of orderly activities between man and man conditioned by relations of production. Society is a community in which a number of people are interrelated following certain rules. In this community, only the stabilized and orderly Social rules are established can the essential rights of the majority of community members be protected. So building the stabilized and orderly Social rules is indispensable to social harmony. Harmonious rules are not only the state of natural and benevolent development of social ecology, but also the essential outcome of scientific treatment of social problems. Constructing harmonious rules is the Basic demand and the important content of building a harmonious socialist society. What’s more, it is the internal requirement of social development and essence of accomplishing socialism featured by Chinese traits as well. This paper, under the theoretical framework of harmonious socialist society, applies metaphysical materialism, historical materialism and associates theory with practice to expound, from various perspectives, on issues including the meaning, features, the way of building harmonious rules in socialist society and the significance of that in a practical and realistic manner.The paper begins with the discussion of social order’s connoation. Against the background of constructing a harmonious society, the paper proposes to construct a harmonious socialist social order and emphasizes the complementary dialectical relationship between a harmonious order and a harmonious society. The Basic characteristics of a harmonious socialist order are as follows: it is with the agreement of social interests; it prompts the benevolent social development; it develops and perfects itself continuously; it is an open order with powerful adjustment and controlling ability.Based on the formation of social rules, the author put forward that harmonious social rules are established according to the combination of self- developed and compulsory rules and are constantly examined as well as perfected by practice. The establishment of harmonious social rules discussed in this paper is mainly about the way in which compulsory rules are formed. As China is a traditional civilized country boasting of long- standing history, self- developed rules have greatly altered during the five thousand years. However, whatever change it has experienced, it was based on current productive forces and production relations. What needs further study is how to better represent the developmental needs of China’s advanced social productive forces, the onward direction of China’s advanced culture and the fundamental interests as well as how to realize a fairly well- off society with the whole nation. Therefore, the focus of the paper has been laid on the government construction and party construction. It is mainly emphasized that to improve the construction of primary-level organizations, we should create a government which is democratic, honest, people-oriented and ruled by law. In order to establish a harmonious society with common interests which is conformed to the social and historical development rules, various methods are required namely legislative, moral, economical and administrative methods.

Global Optimality Conditions for Several Classes of Programming Problems

Global optimization problems abound in Economic modeling,finance,network andtransportation,database,chip-design,image processing,chemical Engineering design and centrol,molecular biology and enviromental Engineering.We pay more attention to some special classes of programming problems in the fields of local optimality problems and global optimality problems.So,it is very necessary to research some special classes of programming problems.In this thesis,we would study some global optimality conditions for the following classes of programming problems: mixed integer quadratic programming problems with inequality conditions, mixed integer quadratic programming problems with LMI conditions,multi-objective programming problems with polynomial constraints.In the first chapter of this thesis, we introduce the recent developments in global optimiza-tion. The sufficient global optimality conditions of mixed quadratic integer programming problems with inequality constraints are discussed in chapter 2. In chapter 3, some sufficient global optimality conditions for mixed quadratic integer programming problems with LMI constraints are established. In the forth chapter, we still study global optimality conditions of special programming problems, but in this section, the objective of programming problem is vector. What is more, we get some necessary global optimality conditions of multi-objective programming problems with polynomial constraints.Lastly,we also provide some numerical examples to illustrate our global optimality conditions.

Study on Weight Analysis in Period Risk Assessment of Hydropower Project

Large-scale water conservancy and hydropower project is such open systems: large Investment、long cycle, the internal structure is complex and the systems involve many complex factors. There are the many factors who have impacts on system , and all the factors have the complex relationship between each other.The risk which the project faces is very complex, so the manager should control risk in time and analysis the reason of the risk.Many scholars have carry out much research about the project risk analysis approach, and presentrd variety of risk analysis methods. But these methods have their own inherent defects, even fuzzy synthetic discrimination which have been recognized and wide used, have ite shortcomings.Large-scale water conservancy and hydropower project is an important infrastructure, but there is not a complete evaluation model about it, and give a orbicular risk analysis method.This thesis analysis the whole construction of the large hydropower station,and establish risk assessment models,and then use the improved fuzzy synthetic discrimination to determine the weight.The methods of weight we use before is directly based on the experience of experts, this method of determine weight is lack of scientific basis, and different experta have different conclusions.The thesis uses the further improved fuzzy AHP to determine weight, the result is more credible and more accuracy. This thesis combines FAHP and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation , then apply them to large-scale water conservancy construction risk evaluation.In this thesis, the research about the risk of large-scale water conservancy construction mainly includes the following areas:1. the thesis expounds ascendancy of using the fuzzy AHP to determine the weight, and establish the model of large-scale water-level assessment, make complicated risk assessment indicators well-organized and hierarchical.2. Based on the FAHP,the thesis brings forward a comprehensive risk assessment methods about large-scale water conservancy construction, and use program to calculate. FAHP adopts three-scale. So the experts can easily make judgement about two factors, which is more important than the other.In this thesis matrix transforms from the priority matrix to the fuzzy consistent matrix, the result meet the conditions of consistency, no longer need to carry out the consistency test. The method is simple and easier to master. In addition, it can also greatly reduce the number of iterations, improve the convergence rate, meet the requirements of accuracy.3. The example: the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of risk about a Hydropower Construction of China. In the thesis,the author establishs risk assessment model system. According to national norms ,the author determine the appropriate evaluation criteria for the assessment and confirm the state of risk classification, choose the trigonometric function as an indicator of the underlying membership function, use it to determine Membership functions of the underlying indicators . The membership function of the parameters underlying would assess the indicators to assess the value of fuzzy, based on the fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of ideas, complete risk assessment of the project.

Research on Integrated Information Systems for Customized Product Based on PLM

According to the civil situation, it is the trend for the manufacturing in China to rebuild and upgrade current pattern of manufacturing with modern information technology. Information exchanging and integration are the basis of informatization. Without integrating, all kinds of Enterprise’s information systems only are Automation and information isolated island and data information can’t be shared, whole business process can’t be unifiedly managed. The vitals of information isolated land are dividing up business process which are close linkages originally.Analyzing the main problems of project Management, production Management and procurement management in China’s small and medium enterprises especially for assemble-to-order, guiding by the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) concept, reengineering, optimizing, and dredging its each sector process relations, researching a suitable integrated information systems for small and medium enterprises, improving the ability to respond to market demands timely and management efficiency, to strengthen the company’s synthesis competitive ability.Taking Tangshan henglian Electric and mechanic equipment Co.,Ltd and its Electric equipment product as research object, based on deep investigation into Enterprise status and existing problems, aiming at the problem which the decisions are lack of the scientific basis and the poor ability of quick bid in project management, through reengineering the business process of project management, with the method of modular product configuration and supporting quick bid’s project cost estimation, effectively solved the problems existed in project management; by standardizing the production management, based on standard hour machining operation and product’s cost control material management, provided reliable basis for the enterprise production plans and project cost estimation; to optimize the process of procurement management, removing unreasonable phenomenon in the current stage of procurement process, standardizing the purchasing clerk’s work process, setting up compare-stock mathematical model, accurately controlling the number of material purchasing, minimizing amount of inventory, economizing finances’s liquidity, establishing the supplier evaluation mechanism, providing the quantitative basis for purchasing clerk to scientific and reasonable choose the suppliers, ensuring the timely delivery and the reliability of quality; on database security and role-based user access design, effectively guarantee the integrated information systems security. Through implementing and applying the integrated information systems, it has achieved the good effect of application.

Analysis of Changes of Labor Contract Law and Study on Impact of Motivating Employees

The implementation of Labor Contract Law is connected with the vital interests of tens of thousands of workers and is directly related to the harmoniousness and stability of society. This law led to an unprecedented wide range of community concerns and a very strong response. The items and its implementation are also highly controversial in the academic community; and the studies on it are also very popular. This article investigates the changes of Labor Contract Law and its impact on enterprises and staff and is designed to offer some exploratory suggestions for companies and to explore new paths for employees to adapt to the new legal environment.The diversification of Labor Contract Law and Labor Law is analyzed combined with current labor contract system through the motivation theories, Economics and Enterprise theories. On the basis of that, questionnaire is designed to investigate the impact of motivating employee by company. In this paper, qualitative and quantitative methods are combined including literature retrieval method, comparative analysis and questionnaires.The results of comparative analysis showed that the changes of Labor Contract Law are taken place in four major aspects. First, new law regulates that employers should set up collective consultation mechanism and guarantees of employees is not allowed when recruiting new employees. Second, the establishment of labor relations should be based on whether there is an actual employment or not, employers and workers should sign a written labor contract. Third, staff could sign non-fixed term labor contract as long as he is eligible, and the duration, compensation of staff in the trial period are also regulated in detail. Fourth, the original labor contracts remain in force when the employers change, merge or separate; the succession companies continue to carry out the contract. If employers do not pay Social insurance for their employees, employees can terminate the contract unilaterally and get compensation.According to the comparative analysis, the writer conducted in-depth interviews with 10 employees, in order to find out the impact of new “Labor Contract Law” from their point of views.In this study, a total of 200 questionnaires were collected, including 147 valid questionnaires with no missing values, the efficiency of which reached 73.5%. According to the data collected by questionnaire, this paper used SPSS 15.0 statistical software to carry out a series of statistical analysis, and drew some relevant conclusions.(1) In summary, the overall changes of Labor Contract Law has positive impact on enhancing the work enthusiasm of employees. But the effect of motivation is not very obvious.(2) Every specific change has different motivation effect in various degrees. Some changes have significant impact on motivating employees, while some others don’t.(3) Among the factors influencing motivation effect, only the motivation effect of “not pay Social insurance” has significant difference in three factors such as Enterprise nature, gender and position.

Research on Axial Force Testing Technology of Pump Shaft

With the continuous development of the times, more and more pumps are applied inthe various departments. The size of the pump axial force is one of the key factors which isable to reliably affect the safe operation of the pump. If the pump axial force is too large, itwill affect the safe operation of the pump and reduce the life of the pump, resulting inserious consequences. Therefore, the issue of the axial force whether the pump is safe andreliable operation of the state plays an important role.This article describes the pump axial force measured relevant literature, the causes ofthe pump axial force and the significance of the situation and development of the axialforce tests domestic and international. The Basic idea of ANSYS finite element method andthe Basic structure of the axial force of the elastic element are expounded in detail. Thefinite element method is used by the steps of finite element modeling, meshing, solvingand post-processing to simulate and analyze. Three loadings of pressure, concentration anda single loading are analyzed and compared. The maximum strain of the elastic element is238με and the stress of the elastic element is235MPa. The maximum stress is in thematerial yield limit of443MPa. The structure of elastic component is optimized design.The angle of force surface, thickness of ring and number of force surface are analyzed. Bycomparing each structure of the maximum strain, the maximum stress and sensitivity, themost optimized design of the elastic element is achieved. Dynamometer methods of theaxial force are described and the indirect measuring method is used to test the axial force.Hardware test system is designed, mainly by the strain sensor, bridge excitation circuit,preamplifier circuit and acquisition system. The various parts of the circuit are designedand analyzed. The shortcoming of the circuit is zero drift which is inhibited. Acquisitionpart first with the PMD-1208LS data acquisition card, the advantages of this acquisitioncard is introduced. LabVIEW software is selected in PC programming. The characteristicsof the virtual instrument and interface design are introduced. Static characteristics aredescribed and a block diagram of a static calibration system is showed. All aspects of thestatic calibration is described in detail. By loading and unloading of the test calibration, the fitting curve of system static calibration is achieved.Finally, the elastic element and the force testing system which have been designed areused to test the pump of the axial force. According to the static calibration curve, the sizeof the axial force is calculated.