Research of Rectangular Polymer Optical Waveguide

With the splendid development of information technology, the data transfer rate of data and information to deal with real-time transmission is also doubled. In particular, as the development of high-performance parallel computer, requires the data transmission speed between the chips on the printed circuit board faster and faster. The traditional electronic interconnection has physical defects such as crosstalk, the clock skew, as well as the inherent electromagnetic interference, etc so that it will not adapt to large-scale data manipulation and processing. The optical transmission has many advantages such as low attenuation, high-capacity, high-bandwidth, so which it to replace the electrical interconnection has become an inevitable trend. A hybrid electro-optical printed circuit board, which embedding waveguide in ordinary printed circuit board to connect high-speed chips, can solve the limitations of the all-electronic interconnect systems in high-frequency signal transmission .In this paper ,author analyses the optical characteristics of rectangular waveguide with the electromagnetic theory firstly ,providing a theoretical basis for coupling of waveguide. Second author described the architecture and functions of EOPCB system in detail. According to the existing fabrication technique of optical waveguide ,this paper introduces technique of waveguide – doctor blading technique,which is suitable for fabrication of the large area of polymer light waveguide. Correspondingly, we selects the PDMS (polydimethylsiloxane) as the materials of Polymer-material optical wave-guide,in accordance with the production process ,analyses of the waveguide materials. Doctor blading technique is described detailedly in the production of optical waveguide,and carried out simulation on the modular field in the rib waveguide,which is encountered frequently in experiments . On the basis of experimental data,this thesis analyses the influence of the mismatch between model for coupling.Finally author tests the accomplished rectangular waveguide which size is 60×60 for coupling and improves the doctor blading technique according to the results of test. The experimental results show that the optimizaton of doctor-blading technique applies to manufacture the large area of polymer light waveguide,and the performance of optical waveguide could meet the transmission of low-rate signals.

In this paper, using Keggin or polyoxoanions, transition metal ions …

In this paper, using Keggin or polyoxoanions, transition metal ions and organic ligands as building blocks, eight kinds of novel polyoxometalate-based organic-inorganic hybrid compounds have been synthesized. They have been structurally characterized by elemental analyses, IR, TG and X-ray single crystal diffractions. The major results are as follows:1. Using Keggin-type polyoxoanions [PMo11VO40]4-、[SiW12O40]4-、[GeW12O40]4- and [PW11VO40]4- as template agents, four metal-oxides-based organic-inorganic hybrid framework compounds have been synthesized. [Mo2V2O9(bpy)6][PMo11VO40] (1) [Mo2V2O9(bpy)6][SiW12O40] (2) [Mo2V2O9(bpy)6][GeW12O40] (3) [Mo2V2O9(bpy)6][PW11VO40] (4)The four compounds are isomorphic. They are all based on Keggin anions as a template compounds. The host framework consists of heterometal-oxide of the Mo and V with theV-O-Mo-O-Mo-O-V arrangement and exhibits a finite 1D Z-shaped chain.2. Usingβ-Anderson-type polyoxoanions{Cr(OH)6Mo6O18}3- as building blocks, one Ag(I) coordination polymer has been synthesized at room temperature. Three (Mn(II), Ni(II), Co(II) coordination polymers have been synthesized hydrothermally by introducing 4,4′-bpy ligand. [{Ag(C6H5NO22}2][Ag{Cr(OH)6Mo6O18}(H2O)2](C6H5NO22 (5) (NH44[Mn{Cr(OH)6Mo6O18}2](4,4′-bpy)2 (6) NH4[Ni{Cr(OH)6Mo6O18}(H2O)2](4,4′-bpy)·4H2O (7) NH4[Co{Cr(OH)6Mo6O18}(H2O)2](4,4′-bpy)·4H2O (8)The host frameworks of the four compounds are all constructed byβ-Anderson-type polyoxoanions{Cr(OH)6Mo6O18}3- and transition metal ions. Compound 5 has two kinds of crystallographic independent Ag atoms (Ag1 and Ag2). Ag1 was linked with {Cr(OH)6Mo6O18}3- forming a 1D chain-like structure. Ag2 was linked with isonicotinic acid forming a {Ag2}2+cluster. In compound 6, Mn(II) exhibits hexa-coordination environment and is coordinated by six O atoms from four {Cr(OH)6Mo6O18}3- anions showing an infinite 1D zonal chain. Compounds 7 and 8 are isomorphic and exhibit a 2D layered structure via Ni2+/Co2+ linked with {Cr(OH)6Mo6O18}3- anions.

A Study on Competitive Selection System for Party and Government Leading Cadres in the Perspective of Incorrupt Governance

As the actively explore of the cadre and personnel system reform, the competitive selection system for party and government leading cadres becomes more scientific and reasonable in cadre selection and promotes the development of incorrupt government, besides, its own superiority is emerging gradually. Competitive selection system for party and government leading cadres is carried into execution depending on the local conditions in practice. After years’development, public selection and competition for posts become the two most important modes at present, which have high recognition and acceptance. Because of the rational design of the system and the strong institutional demand, the party and government leading cadre selection and the competitive selection system are improving and developing continuously under the guidance of correct value orientation, and demonstrate their vigor and vitality.This paper uses the cost-benefit analysis as the main research method and framework. It does the cost-benefit analysis from the aspects of system design, system operation and system participation, and synthetically uses the system analysis method, comparative analysis method and investigation method which based on a large number of books, papers and other information related to the selection system for party and government leading cadres. The paper tries to compare the competitive selection system with the ancient ones and similar foreign ones, and discuss its actual difficulties and improving direction in the perspective of incorrupt governance.The first chapter of this paper makes theoretical analysis on the competitive selection system for party and government leading cadres and discusses its implementing objective needs and value orientation. This chapter considers that the implementation of this system is the needs of maintaining the achievement of economic development, deepening the reform of the political system, perfecting the cadre and personnel system and promoting the construction incorrupt governance. In terms of the value orientation, its lead functions like fair and equitable, healthy competition, ethical and competent, morality first, expand democracy of selection and employment also enhance the vitality of the system. This part establishes the foundation of the system analysis in this paper.The second and third chapter analyzes the design, operation and participation of the competitive selection system by using the cost-benefit analysis as a framework. The third chapter chooses the ancient recommendatory selection and civil-service examination system; the current appointment system, selection system and appointive employment; and the similar systems in New Zealand, Singapore as objects and does some comparative analysis to use for reference. The fourth chapter discusses a typical case with the cost-benefit analysis method, points out the high incidence of corruption caused by non-competitive selection of cadres. This part aims to clarify that the competitive selection system is the system design which can increase the cost and reduce the profit of corruption.Finally, the fifth chapter indicates the incorrupt predicament of this system is the constraints of views, values, realistic benefits and supporting systems. And on this base, the paper puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions, that is tamping the education foundation roundly in the Basic link, improving the system continuously in its own construction, and strengthening the supervisory and regulatory mechanism in the external environment.

Research on the Teaching-planning of Activity Curriculum of Psychological Health Education for Senior One Students

Effective teaching-planning is a necessity for successful teaching. Therefore, researching on teaching-planning has a positive realistic meaning and practical value in improving the teaching effectiveness of activity curriculum of psychological Health education.The starting of activity curriculum of psychological Health education is an inevitable choice of schools psychological health education. But since activity curriculum of psychological health education is different from other subjects, it carries out its teaching by means of various activities which differ from the way of traditional teaching. Thus, the teaching-planning of activity curriculum of psychological health education is different from that of other subjects. Besides, students of different grades in primary schools, middle schools and high schools have different behaviors in class and have different psychological problems to solve owing to their different psychological character. Because of all these , activity curriculum of psychological health education for different grades has different teaching aims, contents and procedures under the guidance of educational and psychological theories , I did a careful research on the behaviors and psychological characters of students of Grade One in high school, aiming to explain the Basic meaning of activity curriculum of psychological health education, theory of teaching-planning, the establishment of teaching aims and teaching procedures. I’m hoping to make a break-through in the teaching-planning of activity curriculum of psychological health education for Senior One students, thus offering some practical information and experience for those doing activity curriculum of psychological health education in high schools. I hope this research paper can be a reference for the teaching-planning of activity curriculum of psychological health education in high schools and offers a different perspective of teaching.

An Analysis of Economic Effects of China’s Resource-seeking Outward Direct Investment

The China’s demand for global resources in is expanding rapidly following the sustained economic growth. This brings about the rapid growth of resource-oriented outward direct investment (ODI). This paper starts from analysis of the characteristics of China’s resource-seeking ODI based on the actual investigation and theoretical investigation. It’s main objective of the paper is to give an empirical study on the impacts of resource-oriented ODI on China’s import and export, employment and economic growth. The paper is arranged as follow: literature review of the economic effects of resource-seeking ODI on the home country, analysis of the overall situation and the characteristics of the resource-oriented foreign direct investment in China, theoretical mechanism and empirical analysis of the economic impact of resource-oriented ODI, proposals on policy to promote and improve the resource-oriented ODI. The import and export, employment, investment, GDP, economic growth and investment company growth, technological progress, all of the above will have an impact from the FDI in the theoretical view. Due to the limitations of the statistical data, the study mainly focus on the three aspects,that is, the effects of trade, employment and economic growth.The main findings are:(1) the Basic motivation of Chinese resources-seeking ODI is to meet growing domestic needs and to achieve diversified supply.(2) the Basic characteristics of the China’s ODI is the flexible modes, and wide geographical distribution.(3) the ODI has a positive effect on China’s trade.(4)it has a positive effect on China’s, employment.(5) it has a positive effect China’s GDP growth, but the fixed effects are significantly regional differences, esp. in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Tianjin, western and coastal areas and the northeast region. The policy implications are:governmental policy guidance and administrative services are very important for the establishment of the industry leaders; it needs to bring up a high-level international staff, improve risk awareness and proper risk control, and e establish a risk guarantee mechanism of foreign direct investment. At the same time, we should highly concern about the economic impact of resource-oriented ODI on host countries.

Research on the Central Region Listed Company Capital Structure and Operating Performance Correlation

Since the implementation of Mid rise abruptly strategy, the central region’s economic development speed was significantly faster, but compared with developed regions in the East is still a big gap.Due to unbalanced gradient regional development policy, geography, history factors and their own development restrictions, the central region in capital market development extent lags behind, which brings about enterprise financing mode, management pattern, property right mechanism can not form a good coordination effect.As the concentrated reflection of capital market development level and Enterprise financing strategies, the capital structure problems through the corporate governance structure, debt against tax effect influence enterprise performance means has become a consensus.The capital structure of central region listed companies in the equity and debt financing, long-term capital ratio, and the composition of the debt maturity collocation is undeserved, has become the central regions economic development of restriction of bottleneck factor.Study of capital structure and operation performance of the listed companies, not only to optimize the capital structure of listed companies in central region has important reference value, but also to the improving of its own operating performance also has some help.This paper first followed in the study on the Basic track of the theories of capital structure, analysis the research Situation at home and abroad, absorb the research achievements of predecessors, define and summary to the Basic concepts and theories related to the capital structure.Secondly, analysis the present situation of the capital structure of listed companies in central regions, after summarizing and evaluating the Basic features of listed company capital structure and operating performance,found that rate of assets and liabilities in whole slightly high, long-term capital debt rate on the whole is low,current liability is too high,the level of profitability ability, debt paying ability, operation ability and development capacity is generally lower than the developed eastern regions and the exit to industry and regional difference. Once again, conduct the statistical tests to the correlation of capital structure and operation performance of listed company in central region of related were in2009and2010from the overall situation and the branch line of business.results showed that:rate of assets and liabilities is a significant negative correlation to operating performance, long-term capital debt rate are not significantly positive relationship to operating performance.the empirical results indicate that capital structure and operation performance of listed company is not consistent by branch of industry, and from the industry characteristic and capital structure theory has earned on the explanation. Finally, from the perspective of the microscopic, this paper put forward balance grasp the capital structure proportion, reasonable collocation debt financing period length, the comprehensive investigation capital structure industry characteristics, dynamic use of capital structure adjusting methods;from the perspective of the macroscopic, accelerate the improving of the bond market in financing mechanism, further optimization of listed companies financing the proposal such as the environment, to optimize the capital structure of listed Companies in central region to improve its performance.The innovations in this thesis may be the following aspects:First, choose the central region from regional economic perspective,and the current situation and existing problems of the capital structure of the listed companies are analyzed.Second, the correlation to capital structure and operating performance of the central region of the listed company is researched on empirical in the aspects of the whole line and the branch line of business.Third, the rate of assets and liabilities and long-term capital leverage are integrated into representative index of the capital structure, from the point of view of debt and equity at the same time also thought to the influence of corporate operating performance in the aspect of long-term capital leverage, which has a more comprehensive research to the capital structure of the central region listed companies

The Study of Solving Methods for Nonlinear Evolution Equations

With the developing of the Nonlinear Sicence, lots of Nonlinear Evolution Equations (NLEEs) are found, and they are playing important roles in many different physics fields. As a leading subject and hot interest in nonlinear science, study on the solution method of nonlinear evolution equations has become more and more challenging.For the complexity of NLEEs, there is no a general solving method for NLEEs. Although exact solutions for a lot of NLEEs have been studied, the solving process has each skill respectively, thus there still have many NLEEs whose exact solutions are unable to be obtained. For this reason, sometimes we don’t solve the equations, but research about properties for their solutions accoding to equation itself directly.There are some methods for solving NLEEs, such as homegeneous balancing method、Tanh function method、Backlund transformation、Inverse scattering method、Darboux transformation、Hirota bilinear methods similarity reduction eta. Base on Division Theorem and Hilbert-Nullstellensatz Theorem, Z. S. Feng proposed a new approach for studing the compound Burgers-KdV equation in 2002, which is currently called the first integral method and becoming an effective method for solving some NLEEs.Based on the theory of nonlinear evolution equations, and according to the above theory and methods, and with the aid of computer symbolic computing system, five aspects work are completed in this paper.Firstly, with the aid of symbolic computation system Maple and byusing the hyperbolic tangent function (?)tanh(ξ)i, 36 groups of traveling wave solutions for nonlinear Aceive-dissipative dispersive equation ut + uux + uxx + puxxx + uxxxx = 0 are obtained. The method can be also used to solve other nonlinear wave equations.Secondly, by using superposition method, the exact solutions of Aceive-dissipative dispersive equation ut + uux + uxx + puxxx + uxxxx = 0are obtained;Thirdly, by using the Painleve test, its application in Hirota bilinear is studied;Forth, applying the first integral method, we obtain exact solutions of (2+1) Burgers equation;Fifth, this article proves some sufficient conditions using elementary integrations and gives some examples for those specific Riccati equations.The studies are of more profoundly theoretical significance and important application value. The paper “Travelling-wave solution of nonlinear Aceive-dissipative dispersive equation” which based on the first part is accepted by “Journal of Jiamusi University” and the paper “Elementary Solutions for the Riccati Equation “which based on the fifth part is accepted by “Journal of Xuzhou Normal University”.

Mathematical Methods in Optimal Budget Allocation for Ads

The chilly post dot-com online advertising climate has shifted the industry focus from impression-based performance metrics (CPM) to costper- click metrics. A variety of innovative,targeted advertising formats now purport to satisfy the advertisers’increased demand for performance accountability.In the second chapter this paper given the two different types of portals and their distinct appeal to online advertisers, it is important that advertisers understand the relative merits of each media outlet and decide accordingly the budget allocation between the two portals.Let n_G(t) and n_S{t) be the total number of visits to portals G and S, respectively, at time t. In reality, n_G{t) and n_S(t) can be measured in real time by using a combination of sophisticated traffic monitoring software tools such as WebTrends.Letk_G(t) andk_S (t) be the fractions of the corresponding users that type the trigger search keyword at time t. We assume that the portion of portal visitors that type the same trigger keyword at a specialized portal is higher than that at the generic portal, sok_S(t)>k_G(t).The justification of this assumption rests on the unique content offered by specialized portals and their concomitant unique user bases with very specific search interests.Let x_G(f)and x_S(t)be the average clickthrough rates for keyword ads at time t on eachportal. Then, the potential number of clickthroughs at time t at each portal will beLet A_G{t) and A_S(t) be the allocated advertising budgets at time t for G and S, respectively.We assume that the dollars spent on the advertising budget can be transformed into advertising efforts that can turn potential keyword ad clickthroughs into actual keyword ad clickthroughs.Letu_G(t)andu_S(t) denote the corresponding advertising efforts. Moreover, we assume that the advertising effort is a concave function of the advertising budget. This assumption captures the diminishing return of advertising expenditures.ThenLetρ_G > 0 andρ_S > 0 be each portal’s effectiveness in converting potential clickthroughsinto actual keyword ad clickthroughs.Using an optimal control modeling approach, we have developed a dynamic decision model in the online advertising setting that captures the distinctive features of the online advertisingmedia , the specific mechanism of ad display (activated by a user keyword search), the dynamic nature of the new media, and lastly the action-based performance criterion (i.e., the actual number of keyword ad clicksthrough).The optimal control problem isThen we can get the ratio isIn the third chapter we give an adaptive algorithm for selecting profitable keywords for three cases under some assumptions, we develop a stylized model of search-based advertisingservices and formulate the problem of identifying profitable sets of keywords. Since the details of the auction process for determining ads placements vary by search engine, we will ignore the auction mechanism and any competitive responses by advertisers and assume that he bids for all keywords are constant, and thus, the costper- click of each keyword is fixed and known in advance.And through many assumptions,confirm the expected profitE[Z_A,] isThink about 3 cases1)A Static Setting: When Clickthru Rates and Expected Profits Are KnownThen2)Unknown Clickthru Probabilities with Known Expected Profits.In this case,by formulating the problem as an instance of the multi-armed bandit, we can apply existing adaptive algorithms developed for this class of problems. Unfortunately, existing multi-armed bandit algorithms have performance guarantees that deteriorate as the number of keywords increases, motivating us to develop an alternative adaptive approximationalgorithm that leverages the special structure of our problem.3)An Extension to the Case of Unknown Expected Profits. (Details for 2) and 3)are in the third chapter of this paper.)

The Studies on the Synthesis and Physics Properties of Colossal Magnetoresistive Manganite Perovskites

The synthesis methods for manganese perovskite film and ceramic are systematically studied. The properties are greatly influenced by different preparing conditions. Based on the researches, new synthesis approaches are put forward for manganese perovskites. Two parts are included in this thesis.The first part is about the deposition of manganese perovskite films. We have studied the oxygen pressure during the deposition of La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 films with magnetron sputtering and annealing effect on the properties. Results show that raising the oxygen pressure will substantially increase the metal-to-insulator transition temperature and reduce the peak resistivity. After annealing, with a more effective supply of oxygen, the transition temperature shifts much higher, and grains grow larger to achieve more compact structure and lower resistivity. On the attempt to deposition La0.67Sr0.33MnO3 films with electron beam evaporation, we have found out that when at the substrate temperature of 500oC, epitaxial films can be deposited on LaAlO3 (001) substrate. However, with the absence of oxygen supply during deposition, films show insulator property on the measurable range. With annealed at 650oC in air for 10hours, films show metal-to-insulator transition at 185K. The other part is focus on synthesis of manganese perovskite ceramics. We have compared sol-gel method and solid state reaction, the two popular approaches for preparing perovskite ceramics, from the microstructure and electric transportation. A new method has been put forward. By mechanical ball milling, ingredient powders are refined to nano-scale, and differ from the mechanical alloying, we add ethanol to avoid phase transformation and amorphousity during milling. By post sintering the as-milled powders, polycrystalline La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 has been successfully synthesized. The microstructure and transport properties have been studied. Significant grain boundary effect was observed when the crystallite size was 170nm at milling time of 10hours and sintering temperature of 850oC. The microstructure and transportation were substantially affected by variation of milling time and sintering temperature. As both factors increase, grains grow rapidly, and grain boundary effect is reduced. Large MR of 23.5% is observed at 78K in an applied field of 3kOe with the average grain size of 170nm. While with average grain size of 4.5μm, MR of 22% was recorded near the metal-to-insulator temperature. A clear demonstration of the competition between intrinsic (from the crystal lattice) magnetoresistance (MR) and extrinsic (from the grain boundaries) MR had been observed.

Research on Electric-acupuncture in Acupoints Based on Syndrome Differentiation for Simple Obesity Combined with Delayed Menstration Patients

Objective:To promote the optimization of clinic progrom of electric-acupuncture for obesity combined with delayed menstration by exploring the clinic effect it and the function of acupoints selection based on syndrome differentiation in this program.Methords:30 simple obesity patients were selected randomly into obsity group (with electric-acupuncture in conventional acupoints). The other 60 simple obesity combined with delayed menstration patients were devided evenly into general group (with electric-acupuncture in conventional acupoints) and syndrome differentiation group (with electric-acupuncture in acupoints based on syndrome differentiation). Have Cross-reference between these three groups.Results:1. Electric-acupuncture had clinic effect on patients BMI index and body fat percentage in all groups (P>0.05), but in the improvement of patients WHR, obesity group got the best effect among there groups, and syndrome differentiation group is better than general group (P<0.05).2. Fat loss for obesity combined with delayed menstration patients needs longer treatment course than simple obesity patients (P<0.05), but electric-acupuncture in acupoints based on syndrome differentiation can cut down the course (P<0.05).3. The general group and syndrome differentiation group could both get effectiveness on delayed menstration, but the latter group was better than former one (P<0.05).4. The syndrome differentiation group needed shorter treatment course than general group (P<0.05)Conclution:Electric-acupuncture in acupoints based on syndrome differentiation for simple obesity combined with delayed menstration patients can regulate the functional status of the body, has determined effectiveness but no side effects.