With China’s medical system reform and development, the role of the …

With China’s Medical system reform and development, the role of the third department is increasingly important to rise. In the Medical dispute frequent today, solve the doctor-patient conflict and the legal channel, should the third department and the mechanism of function research put on the schedule. Nearly30years of the third department astonishing development, that market forces and government in coordination provides great power in public services, and the use of the third department to solve the important role of Medical disputes also has attracted people’s attention. The third division to its remarkable public welfare, voluntary, non-profit and flexibility, shows in providing this public service than the government has low cost, high efficiency and flexibility advantages of being involved in public service supply, solve the public service needs of a new system arrangement and providing mechanism.This paper, from the third sector in the public service roles and functions of the supply based on the present situation of medical dispute resolution in the experience abroad, and on the basis of the third sector in China is how to use effective solution medical disputes recommendation, the article is divided into four parts:The first part of the definition of the concept is and contrast. First to third sector and public service concept is defined, and the third department of public services provide a brief mode paper, on the basis of the third department provides the practical needs of the public service is analyzed.In the second part of the United States and Britain as the example, this paper introduces the third departments to provide a public service practice and supply mode, so as to summarize out western countries of the third sector provide public services widespread experience for reference in our country can have.The third part of the third sector in China to provide public services supply situation of general view summary, then through the in-depth analysis of typical cases, which confirm the third sector in China’s public service supply to the important role, and summed up the experience is worthy to be popularized.The fourth part of the third sector in China through the countermeasures to solve medical disputes, this paper deduced the medical dispute to perfect our third party mediation mechanism policy Suggestions, and it is pointed out that China’s third departments to provide a public service development trend. At the same time, the third sector to improve our public services provide a mechanism of put forward the countermeasures and proposals.This research paper is:from the third departments to provide a public service in the process and the relationship between the government of the third sector is deduced to provide public service mode, combined with the west to practice and the condition of our country, and through the case analysis explore suitable for China’s national conditions of medical dispute resolution mode. At the same time, and pointed out the third sector solution medical disputes countermeasures and Suggestions.

The ferroelectric thin films used for dielectric phase shifter must …

The ferroelectric thin films used for dielectric phase shifter must have a large relative dielectric constant, strong dielectric nonlinearity, small dielectric loss and low leakage current. In this paper, some works were done to optimize the properties of BST thin films, including the annealing temperature, orientation and composition gradient. BZT thin films were prepared by rf-magnetron sputtering system. And Effects of O2/Ar and Zr/Ti on the properties BZT thin films were investigated. At last, the temperature character and fatigue of BST, BZT thin films were tested. The following results are obtained:1. BZT thin films deposited on the different substrates can bear the different annealing temperature (900℃-Al2O3 substrate, 1100℃-LaAlO3 substrate, 1200℃-MgO substrate). The substrate lattice constants and thermal expansion coefficients are the main factors to influence the annealing temperature. High temperature is good for the dielectric nonlinearity of BST films.2. (110)-oriented BST has stronger ferroelectric properties than (100)-oriented BST thin films. (110)-oriented BST with smaller tgδhas larger relative dielectric constant and tunability.3. BST thin films with composition gradient have lower tunability and dielectric loss than single-layer structure. Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3/Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3 have better properties than Ba0.6Sr0.4 TiO3/Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3.4. BZT thin films were prepared by rf-magnetron sputtering. BZT thin films are crystallized, no pinholes, dense and uniform. BZT thin films have slim hysteresis loop and low leakage current. When E=400kV/cm, the tunability is 15%, tgδis 0.016. After halving thickness (E=800kV/cm), the tunability is increased to 33.5%, tgδis 0.021.5. With the increase of O2/Ar, the preferred orientation of BZT thin films changes from (l00) to (111) direction. The grain size, RMS, relative dielectric constant and tunability become larger with the increase of the O2/Ar ratio. The ferroelectric properties also have been enhanced. 6. Compared BaZr0.1Ti0.9O3 to BaZr0.2Ti0.8O3, it is found that the ferroelectric properties, relative dielectric constant and the tunability increase with reducing the Zr4+. The tunability is increased to 60.5% when E=800kV/cm.7. From -30℃to 130℃, the relative dielectric constant of BST and BZT thin films increase slowly with the temperature. There is no Curie point in this temperature rang. From -50℃to 150℃, the curves are relatively flat at 1MHz. It is also found that the dielectric nonlinearity of BST, BZT thin films is difficult to fatigue.

The power management IC (integrated circuit) has the many advantages…

The power Management IC (integrated circuit) has the many advantages, such as high integrity, high price ratio, the most simple outer circle circuit, the best capability, the high-efficiency power supply etc. So it has the vast market demand. This paper aims to the application that requires high accuracy and low noise. Under this context a high accuracy and low noise LDO (low dropout regulator) is designed.In the LDO, reference is a critical circuitry that it determines the accuracy. Using Curvature-Compensation, the temperature coefficient is greatly improved, from about 20ppm/℃to 0.5ppm/℃.A preregulator help to higher the PSRR (power supply rejection ratio) and a 500nF off-chip capacitor bypasses most of the reference’s output referred noise.This paper takes advantage of the 0.5μm BiCMOS process that the bipolar transistor has lower flicker noise than their MOS counterparts, so bipolar transistor is used to form the critical node of the error amplifier. To make sure the stability and lower the transient overshoot of the LDO, a buffer stage is used to isolate the pass element and the output of the error amplifier. The output resistance of the buffer is reduced by a negative feedback. And the buffer is dynamically biased to reduce quiescent current of the LDO. Two zeros are introduced near the non-dominate poles as the frequency compensation.This paper first shows the prospective market demand of power Management IC, then it introduce the specifications of the LDO. In the next, some relative analyze is performed and noise analyze is performed. After this, a reference is designed and then the other parts of the LDO. Simulation is performed under the Cadence Spectre environment, and the results show that all specifications are achieved.

The Design and Research of Novel Ultra-Wideband Coupler and Filter Miniaturization

With the rapid development of microwave technology,the demands for microwave passive components,such as filters and directional coupler,used in microwave communications,microwave navigation,remote control,satellite communications and military Electric countermeasures are increasing.Because of increasing radio communications users,the frequency resources become increasingly stringent.The frequency space assigned to the various types of communication systems becomes more and more dense.In order to cope with the increasing demand for capacity in restricted spectral bandwidths,filter structure tends to use the form of cross-coupling which is based on the general Chebyshev functionf.The interposition of cross-coupling between cavities can lead a transmission zero,so to increase the steepness of cut-off frequency and enhance the superiority of filters.The use of cross-coupling filter can reduce the filter order,the insertion loss and band distortion.Comparing with the direct coupling filter of the same suppression,the corss-coupling filter has a good implementation of filter miniaturization.Directional coupler as an important component in microwave systems have a wide range of applications,such as mixers,amplifiers,modulators and an antenna system to merge or separate the phase othogonal signals,or to extract monitor signal for monitoring circuit.However,there are many defects in the production by using the traditional parallel-coupled line to realize the strong coupling.In this paper,it is presented a new type of sublayer-type coupling structure parallel line to break through the limitations of manufacturing process.This new structure is realized by adding the underlay conductor under the edge-coupled stripline and paralleling with it for same length.The design and fabrication method of a 6-dB coupler worked in ultra-wide band from 0.35GHz to 3.8GHz have been stated in detail.The coupler has 5 sections comprising two sections of using underlay structure and three sections of using conventional stripline.The capacitive open-line is loaded to the coupler with discontinuity of striplines for compensating circuit.This method can improve the circuit’s match performance and reduce the component’s return loss.Filter design is based on Chebyshev filter synthesis,and focuses on the miniaturization of cross-coupling filter by synthesizing with network forms and step-impedance resonator.After systematicly discussing the fundamental characteristics of step-impedance resonator.An analysis of the generalized Chebyshev transfer function and synthesization of prototype network corresponding to both of symmetric and asymmetric distributions then follow.A filter with center frequency of 2GHz and bandwidth of 50MHz is designed in the cross-coupling case.The experiment result shows the feasibility of the design.The design reduces the filter volume by 30%.

Study on the SH Project Economic Evaluation

In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s Economic,a lot of construction funds have been invested, and a number of large construction projects have been started. At present, these projects continue to expand, more and more factors are affecting the projects, the project decision analysis become a key to the success of the projects. To carry out a scientific project decision, feasibility study should be made, and Economic evaluation is an important part of the projects’ feasibility study. Therefore, the project Investment evaluation and analysis become an integral and important part.Economic assessment makes a comprehensive assessment of project economic effects from two aspects of the financial evaluation of the proposed project and the national economy evaluation, according to various projects of the national formal promulgation of the “Construction Project Economic Evaluation Methods and Parameters”(third edition).For the project’s actual characteristics, economic assessment collects a large amount of data, and uses of net present value, payback period, internal Investment rate of return, economic evaluation methods and the calculation of the economic evaluation. The results of economic evaluation will provide an important basis for decision making for the project.The research makes the SH project as the object, using the methods of economic evaluation and project Management thinking.The research makes financial evaluation, the national economy evaluation, sensitivity analysis,the economic impact analysis and Social impact analysis on SH project, giving the elicit conclusion.The study is also useful for the other item and be guided.

Designating of Permanent Prime Farmland and Fine Regulatory Measures Based on RS, GIS&GPS Technique

China is a traditional Agricultural country. Agriculture is the foundation of ournational economy all the time. But China’s current total resources of arable land is only18.24million Mu,and the total arable land already press the red line of cultivated landprotection. The scarcity of land resources is China’s Basic national conditions. However,China is a populous country. The amount of arable land resources related to China’snational strategy which means China’s national economy and the people’s livelihood.Protection of arable land is protection of our lifeline. In order to protect arable landmore effectively, the State proposed the strategy of building permanent prime farmland.Sichuan Province carry out the work of designation permanent prime farmland andbuilding the particular ledger in the year of2011. Longchang which is one of the sixprime farmland protection demonstration counties carried out this work in2011. Thispaper is based on the results of this work. The Longchang’s delineating permanentprime farmland and construction the particular ledger are based on the result of thesecond national land survey data. The range of prime farmland of the overall land usehad been subdivided into Map-Spot. Prime farmland Map-Spot had been mapped andstored in the database. The responsibility of prime farmland protection have beendecomposed into various farmers. Individual farmers signed the card.the particularledger of Permanent prime farmland has been constracted.etc.This paper’s main research contents and achievements as follows,(1)Author determined the Permanent prime farmland’s range based on the data ofThe Second National Land Use Survey database update2011and the Land use planningresults. Part of prime farmland had been transferred to general farmland, and part of the general farmland had been transferred to prime farmland.(2)The information of the prime farmland could be surveyed accurately andrapidly by the technology of “3S”.(3)The database of prime farmland and the particular ledger had been constructedbased on the Geographic Information Systems.(4)Carrying out the responsibility of protection of prime farmland includingsigning the responsibility card, construction of boundary markers had been done.(5)The author evaluated the quality of prime farmland with the model of WeightedComprehensive Analysis based on the ArcGIS.In summary, designating Permanent prime farmland, construction the particularledger, carrying out the responsibility of protection prime farmland had been done. thiswork Laid the foundation for strengthening the protection of farmland. The completionof this work is the guidance to protect the prime farmland in Sichuan Province.

The Synthesis and Characterization of Energetic Ionic Compounds Containing Nitroimino Groups

Aminotetrazoles are an interesting class of heterocycles that exhibit an unusually wide range of applications such as high energy density materials (HEDM). Tetrazole compounds containing nitroimino groups have been investigated intensively as energetic materials both theoretically and experimentally, as the nitroimino group can offer improved density and oxygen balance, and a high heat of formation. Energetic ionic compounds in which both the cation and the anion are high-nitrogen species, are among the most recent and exciting developments of HEDMs, continuing to attract considerable work.In this thesis, 1-methyl-5-nitriminotetrazolate and ethylene-bridged bis(nitroiminotetra-zolate) salts were synthesized by the processes of cyclization, nitration and deprotonation, using cyanogen azide and primary amine(methylamine or ethylenediamine) as starting materials. And some experimental conditions were investigated and discussed.3,6-bis(1H-1,2,3,4-tetrazole-1,5-diamine)-1,2,4,5-tetrazine was prepared according to the same method, cyanogen azide and 3,6-dihydrazino-1,2,4,5-tetrazine were used as starting materials. Some experimental conditions, such as molar ratio of reactants, reaction time were studied.Besides, a straightforward way for the preparation of the energetic aminotetrazolium salts is reported, using aminotetrazolium nitrate and ammonium nitroiminotetrazolate as starting materials. All salts were readily synthesized in water under mild conditions.

Graphic Disposal Subsystem of Packaging CAD System

Packaging upholster design is very important in packaging field. Designing graph professionally is primary mask of packaging upholster. At present, much software, which is applied in packaging upholster design based on Engineering application, these software do not aim at packaging Engineering. There are a lot of limitations when these software are applied in packaging upholster. Therefore, it is very necessary to design packaging upholster CAD system which is special characteristic. The graphic disposal subsystem which is designed by packaging CAD subassembly will resolve these limitations of current software.This article recounts characteristics of packaging upholster design, definition, attribute and characteristic of packaging CAD subassembly. Design abstract Basic class of subassembly, data members and member functions of every idiographic subassembly class that derive from Basic class. After forming every subassembly class successfully, bring forward some means of resolving key techniques, which are subassembly select, geometry transform, save, layer technique and data exchange etc.The article that is compiled with Visual C++ and Object Oriented methodarrives at expectable aim. We can draw simple packaging structure drawing and complex decoration drawing using this system. It strengthens sales promotion of packaging, reduces design cycle and improves design quality.

Research on the Parallel Hybrid Three-phase Four-wire Active Power Filter

In this thesis, the development of the methods of harmonic detection and the topology ofthe three-phase four-wire active power filter around the world are given, based on which, thetopology of the hybrid four-leg converter is put forward, and the principle and itscharacteristic are analysed. Then we analyse the application of the ip-iq harmonic detection inthe three-phase four-wire system. Based on the traditional method of acquiring the directcurrent by digital low pass filter, modified one of current average harmonic detectingapproach based on slip window is analysed. Their dynamic response and detection precisionin the symmetrical and dissymmetrical system are compared. Zero-order of fundamental andharmonic current, and specifically harmonic detection method is put forward, and thecorrectness of the method is proved through MATLAB simulation. As for the realization ofhigh-power three-phase four-wire hybrid active power filter, we produced parallel multiplemode, and the analyse of simulation proved that the mode can arrive at satisfying effect.

Clinical Curative Effect on the Asthenia Syndrome of Functional Constipation Treated by Guizhu Tongbianfang

Objective:To investigate the efficacy of Guizhu Tongbianfang in the treatment of chronic functional constipation(asthenia syndrome).Methods:From March2011to November2011,sixty patients with chronic functional constipation(asthenia syndrome) were enrolled in this study and divided randomly into two groups.Thirty cases were received Guizhu Tongbianfang as the study group,and thirty cases were received Mosapride as the control group.Two groups have been received the medicine treatment for two weeks,and then the changes of clinic symptom and physical sign were analyzed,score the results of a database application SPSS16.0statistical analysis.Results:1.comparison between the symptomatic scores of two groups:2weeks later,the clinic symptom and physical sign of both groups were lessened by treatments obviously and the scores dropped.Comparing with the status before treatment,there was distinct difference between them(P<0.05).2.analysis to two groups’total curative effect:2weeks later,efficiency rate of study group was93.33%,whiie that of control group was86.67%.The former was more than the latter,but there was no distinct difference between them by analysing them through statistics(P>0.05).3.analysis to two groups’single curative effect:2weeks later,For the changes of stool being dry and hard,lusterless complexion and tongue picture,the study group was significantly better than the control group(P<0.05).4. security observation:no distinct bad reactions occurred of both groups during the treatment.Conclusion:Guizhu Tongbianfang was the significantly effective medicament for the chronic functional constipation(asthenia syndrome).It have a high clinical practical value,with no obvious side effects.